5 Biggest Coffee Trends For 2022 and Beyond


There’s never a dull moment in the coffee industry. The discovery of coffee beans dates back to the 15th century, and it’s provided a caffeine fix for millions of people ever since. But where is coffee headed in 2022 and beyond? Let’s take a look.

Despite so much of the world’s population already hooked on their product, that doesn’t stop the coffee industry continuously looking for ways to grow and innovate.

Many coffee brewers, coffee bean companies, and cafes are dedicated to discovering how the humble bean can be consumed and sold in creative ways. Companies like Starbucks have even ramped up advertising for their Refreshers which don’t even have coffee in them!

In recent years, the coffee industry has re-introduced less traditional ways of brewing and discovered new coffee ingredients to satisfy the needs of increasingly adventurous – and picky, consumers.

Likewise, due to COVID-19, the coffee industry shifted and adjusted itself to the new normal, as with most industries. This saw the rise in concepts like coffee subscription services which helped brands bring coffee directly into households when many people weren’t venturing out. 

Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or just want to keep ahead of the caffeine curve, here are the coffee trends to look out for in 2022.


#1 – Coffee Subscriptions 

Like the rising trend for subscription boxes, coffee subscriptions have followed suit. As people are spending more time at home, investing in an affordable coffee subscription service has never been more useful.

Due to the shift to remote working which allows many more workers to work from home, people no longer have the chance to visit their favourite coffee shop at the office – and therefore they’re looking for ways to make their daily coffee in their kitchen. 

Coffee subscription services directly deliver freshly roasted beans or other coffee types to your home, so this is fantastic news for coffee lovers everywhere. Thanks to a wide array of coffee bean choices like the delicious coffee beans from Will & Co and other similar brands, you can indulge in a cafe-like experience in your own home, everyday.

#2 – Locally Sourced Coffee Beans 

Visiting a cafe means getting a premium experience, which begins with great quality, freshly roasted beans. Recently, many more people are supporting locally sourced coffee beans because of their sustainability. It also allows coffee consumers to help local farmers thrive through tough times. 

Locally sourced coffee beans mean the beans are fresher and newly roasted. For best results, roasted coffee beans should be ground and brewed as soon as possible. Or, if you’re really serious about the at-home coffee experience, you can roast your own beans with a domestic coffee roaster and enjoy ultimate flexibility.

coffee types and trends 2022

#3 – More Milk Choices 

Another trend for coffee lovers is the growing options for milk. Using different kinds of milk not only supports health choices, it allows you to take your coffee to the next level. As the number of non-dairy milk drinkers has grown exponentially, more options are now readily available.

Among the many milk alternatives, almond milk is now super-popular, as is oat milk and of course, soy. Many coffee shops understand that regular milk won’t cut it anymore, and therefore, the coffee industry is continuously on the lookout for ways to satisfy the demands of non-milk coffee drinkers. 

#4 – Decaf Coffee 

In the past, if you wanted to reduce your caffeine intake, you had two options: either give up your beloved cup of coffee entirely or settle for a subpar decaffeinated blend. Nowadays, you can enjoy the same full-strength coffee flavour sans the caffeine. 

The trend for compelling decaf coffee is ever-growing, as there’s no shortage of people who want to drink coffee after 10am and still sleep at night. These days you can find high-quality and excellent tasting decaf coffee at most reputable coffee roasters.  

#5 – Dalgona Or Whipped Coffee 

Another trend that looks to continue this year is the Dalgona or whipped coffee trend. Using whipped instant coffee, sugar, and water, this beverage mimics the light texture of honeycomb toffee. Dalgona went viral in the early phase of the pandemic, where most people stayed home and created videos of their creations.

The primary key to coming up with the best-looking dalgona coffee is mixing. While its creation is usually done manually; others prefer to use electric mixers to make the process faster and easier. In essence, you want the coffee to resemble whipped cream but lighter. Due to its frothy texture, sweet flavour and aesthetics, this coffee drink will likely remain popular into 2022 and beyond.

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