15 Easy Supermodel Beauty Secrets You Can Steal

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Despite being blessed in the genetics department, supermodels follow all kinds of beauty secrets they’ve picked up along the way which keep their skin & hair looking flawless.

While their lives may appear very glamourous compared to our own, supermodels are just like us in many ways – they’re short on time, they always want to look their best, and they’re looking for the next inexpensive, quick fix to incorporate into their beauty routines. 

Whether it be from spending time with the world’s best makeup artists, nutritionists and fashionistas or mimicking their mother’s beauty routines, their tricks of the trade will put you on the path to that radiant and enviable supermodel glow too! (P.S: it’s not all about drinking water).

So what are some of the supermodel secrets to beauty? Find out here!

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1. Cindy Crawford

This supermodel’s beauty secret is to mix full fat milk and water in a spray bottle as a toner to keep her skin moisturised throughout the day.

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