Stone Island: The Most Innovative Transnational Menswear Brand

Men and fashion can sometimes be contradicting factors, operating on the contrary side of the spectrum. Men either love fashion, or they aren’t interested at all.

However, the fashion world and trends are evolving quickly, and never in a million years did we think men will embrace some of the trends that are out there now. The menswear fashion brand Stone Island, is a luxurious multinational fashion house which is quickly gaining traction amongst fashion-forward men all around the world. The brand holds a legacy of cultural research, lab experiments, and the use of matrices to produce exquisite modern apparel.


Stone Island began as a unique sportswear brand in 1982 by Massimo Osti a renowned art director in Modena area, Ravarino, Italy. In 1983 Carlo Rivetti joined the company, and bought 50 percent of Massimo’s shares. With his strong background in fashion and design, the duo were well placed to travel far and wide around the world.

Born by accident

Stone Island is the best accident that happened to Massimo Osti. The brand started with a study of two garments, and the materials chosen, known as ‘Tela Stella‘ were so rigid and thick that they required pumice stones to tame their fabrics. Massimo, then hit upon a brilliant idea, that he makes a capsule collection of seven jackets with the material. Surprisingly the unique garments brought fame to the brand.

Tela Stella is the exclusive fabric and garments produced from the accidental process. The name traced from the novel of Joseph Conrad Stone and Island. These pieces were embraced by the marine and military, a strong identity defined by emblem.

Lab creations

Research and experiments are the anthem of the Stone Island brand, holding cultural and modernisation with extreme respect. The brand stands out from the rest for its ability to combine technology and human experience. The fabrics and textures are uniquely blended and designed in the labs, while the colours are a result of experiments and treatment on dyes. The Stone Island labs have more than 60,000 colour dyes and manufacture millions of different garments.

Stone Island uniqueness

Nylon metal

The brand enjoys years of unique and defined products such as Nylon jackets. These jackets are sprayed with special epoxy resin before being exposed to cotton. The experts then use electromagnetic fields to straighten the fabrics – the cotton is automatically attracted to the material through the technology of the magnetic field. Then, specialist dyes are flocked to the garment using two recipes, nylon and cotton. The recipes produce bright colours which are different on every garment, and the material is designed to wear out naturally without any effect applied.

Garment dyed Dyneema

The label’s ‘Dyneema’ jackets are a sturdy fabricated and durable garment from Stone Island. The jacket is lightweight but enhanced with the best fabric increased with tear, lesion, and abrasion performance. Exclusively made by hand, the seams are completely sealed. The jackets are kept for a whole week before the dying process. The jacket has a combination of ultra-light nylon Tela Stella and Dyneema. The jacket is two-sided and has stand up collars to help wear both sides.

These are just the tip of the iceberg; Stone Island has more than 50 designs, each uniquely dyed, to offer the best outcome. The brand penetrates different markets in the world fashion, giving men something to identify with.

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