Royal Weddings: The Dresses Of 18 Real-Life Princesses

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Royal weddings have a way of capturing our imagination in a way that even the biggest celebrity weddings can’t manage!

Is it just the pomp and ceremony? The hype? The nostalgia for eras past? Or maybe it’s just the simple awe-factor that keeps pulling us back in. Either way, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing what a bride chooses to wear on her big day, no matter who she happens to be – whether she’s a regular gal, a celebrity, or a royal.

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If you go back through the archives, there’s a clear pattern that most royal brides stick to when they get married. There’s no prizes for guessing, but royal weddings favour dresses that are classic and conservative (long sleeves, long trains, higher necklines) accessorised with heirloom jewels and big sparkling crowns.

While some royal weddings do see some slightly more daring wedding gown choices, princesses-to-be seem to favour lace dresses by well-known couture designers such as Valentino, Elie Saab and Dior. Though – as you’ll see, there are a few royal brides in our gallery who opted for much lesser-known designers.

From Grace Kelly to Kate Middleton, we’ve investigated 18 royal weddings to see what actual princesses wear for their nuptials! 

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#1 – Princess Caroline of Monaco, 1978

The Bride Wore: Christian Dior


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