Red Lipstick – 10 Powerful and Cultish Products

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Red lipstick symbolises more than just a pretty face.

While we love swiping a red slick across our lips whether we’re having a dull day or date night, over the years red lipstick has meant more to women than just an easy way to pick ourselves up, or make a fashion statement.

A symbol of power and leadership (Cleopatra and Queen Elizabeth the First), defiance and empowerment (the Suffragettes), and of course – sex appeal (Marilyn Monroe and Hollywood), red lipstick has been a barometer of female moods and motivations for the ages.

In a beauty sense, while red lipstick has occasionally come and gone out of favour, it is now seen as timeless and appropriate for almost any occasion. 

What better time then, amidst the groundswell of our female empowerment movement, to look back on the meaning of the red lip and adopt it into more fully into our beauty repertoires!

And unlike our fearless fore-bearers who had to do everything from crushing ants and beetles, to ingesting deadly lead to get their red lip fix, us modern day women have a multitude of luxe and luscious red lipstick products right at our fingertips.

Here we round up the 10 most enduring and powerful red lipstick options to swipe now.

red lipstick chanel pirate

We Love: 

‘Pirate’ by CHANEL, $53

The perfect red, ‘Pirate’ is a deep, radiant and satiny red lipstick.

As Coco Chanel herself said, “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack.”

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