Reasons To Consider Using Decorative Concrete For Home Improvements

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When making upgrades to your home, the materials you use are of utmost importance. While fiber cement, wood, brick, stone, vinyl, and decorative concrete are all useful, decorative concrete is a unique material that many homeowners prefer for it’s versatility and aesthetic qualities.

As opposed to the simple, rough gray concrete you may be used to, decorative concrete is a gorgeous variety of concrete that can be enhanced with different appearances and designs that bring eye-catching appeal to everything it’s used for. Decorative concrete gives your house a visual beauty inside and out by offering various finishes, hues, and other design components. Here are some reasons to consider using decorative concrete Wollongong for your upcoming home improvements.

#1 – Fantastic versatility

You might be surprised to learn how much more renovators and builders can accomplish with today’s concrete solutions. Here’s how decorative concrete enhances the appeal of your home:

  • Stunning design elements that distinguish your driveway
  • Attractive, reasonably priced walkways that resemble stone
  • Beautiful retaining walls that make your landscaping more charming
  • Lovely patio, porch, and fireplace flooring.

#2 – Gorgeous designs

Homeowners that want to use decorative concrete have a vast array of alternatives. You can personalise the appearance of any concrete element you have to the extent that your floors, walls, pathways, and roads don’t even need to look like concrete! You can pick from a selection of the following styles to get the look of your dreams:

  • Textured surfaces might be smooth, textured, patterned, stenciled, or engraved.
  • Stamped: Recreates the appearance of materials such as stone, brick, slate, cobblestone, wood, fossils, and more.
  • Coloured — Available in a variety of shades, stains, and marbling.

decorative concrete

#3 – Damage resistant

Heavy foot traffic causes certain areas, including flooring and walkways to deteriorate quickly. One advantage of choosing decorative concrete for indoor and outdoor spaces is that it doesn’t chip, scratch, or scuff easily. It also resists buckling under severe loads, making it survive longer than conventional materials. Therefore, with decorative concrete, you can enjoy the following:

  • Moving large furniture is no problem.
  • Pets’ nails won’t harm it in any way.
  • It works well for parking lots and driveways.

#4 – Improved air quality

Concrete is an appealing building material alternative for those who suffer from allergies.  The non-porous surface of concrete prevents particles like dust, grime, and pollen from penetrating into the air and it reduces the chance of allergic reactions.

  • Allergens are simple to remove and sweep away.
  • You and your family continue to breathe cleaner, more pleasant air.

#5 – Cooling features

If you live in a location with hot, humid summers, your home renovation plans should include measures to keep your home cool without operating the air conditioner at full blast. For this, decorative concrete flooring is the perfect option.

  • Concrete remains cool to the touch even when exposed to heat.
  • In the summer, homes with concrete surfaces stay cooler.
  • The added cooling feature may lower cooling costs.

#6 – Low maintenance

Last but not least, concrete is low maintenance. Including elements like concrete that simplify home maintenance when you undertake house upgrades makes sense. With concrete floors, you can easily do the following:

  • Clean the dust and debris from floors by mopping.
  • Wax interior flooring once a year.
  • Seal outside concrete surfaces every four to five years.

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