The New Power Suit: 10 Bossy Outfits For 2018


The power suit is trending this year and we are in love, yet still, we want more.  While we adore that women’s suits are back in fashion, this time we are hoping it truly transforms into an enduring staple of the female wardrobe.

We have long been fans of the power suit because it stands for much more than fashion – it is as much about empowerment (gender divide aside) of the wearer.

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In the early days, women in particular began wearing the power suit largely to fit into the corporate lifestyle. With the business world resembling a boys club, women used the power suit as a vehicle to fit in and be taken seriously. It has been a ride since, with women’s suits moving between softer free-flowing silhouettes, structured shoulders and feminine interpretations.

This year, it seems the suit depends entirely on the occasion. We are seeing different suits for different industries, for significant events, different personalities and even ‘Power Suits’ that are not really suits in the traditional sense!

The modern power suit is an ensemble that brings some of the original elements of the uniformed outfit into a new street style mindset to make us feel confident, always.

Keep reading to see how the Power Suit will play out in 2018

power suit 2017

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#1 – Classic White

Olivia Palermo in her black-trimmed, white suit is what we dream of when we think of Summer suiting. Perfect for the brunch that continues on into the evening, this outfit is meant for the businesswoman who has no time to change between social events.

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