6 Money-Saving Tips For The Brunch Addict

how to host the best brunch
If you’re addicted to going out for pricey brunches but are looking for ways to trim your budget, then consider having people over to your home to enjoy the occasion instead. Brunching at home is a great way for everyone to save money without giving up on fun or style.

It should come as no surprise that those regular brunch escapades come at a cost, and we don’t just mean the hangover from enjoying too many mimosas in the morning, either. Eating out is expensive, so a great way to enjoy the best of both worlds is to host brunches at home instead.

Whether everyone brings along a designated menu item, or you each take turns to host the party, there are some great ways to drink and dine in style without feeling like you’ve sacrificed on the occasion.

For example, choosing items like champagne cocktails and smoked salmon don’t come cheap. You can ditch these high-priced items and still serve your guests an amazing brunch that all will enjoy. Most of the appeal of a brunch is to spend time with friends, so don’t get too focused on the food and drinks. You don’t have to have a gourmet meal to enjoy the day.

From choosing smaller serving plates from the Coles catalogue to building your menu around items that are affordable, you can still be the Queen of the Sunday Brunch on a budget!

Let’s take a look at a few ways that you can save on your next brunch party.

how to host the best brunch 2

#1 – Eggs a-plenty

Egg dishes are a traditional and scrumptious choice for your brunch that won’t break the bank. Eggs are available anywhere and even the best ones are affordable. You also have endless recipe choices when it comes to eggs. From fancy-looking omelets and frittatas to simple scrambled eggs, if you make your main dish based around eggs you’ll conserve a lot of your budget. There’s no shortage of easy recipes available online, so you are spoilt for choice when it comes to this menu item.

#2 – French Toast

Who doesn’t love a delicious French toast brunch with all the trimmings? You can make the cooking of French toast part of the fun by having your guests cook their own at a table side griddle. Decorate your table with fresh fruits, chocolate, and a variety of syrups. Don’t forget the cinnamon and sugar for sprinkles for those that like their French toast the traditional way.

#3 – BYOB

Serving cocktails at your brunch can really inflate your budget. Instead, request that your guests BYOB to help cut down on costs. In place of cocktails or mimosas, you can serve infused waters and a variety of teas and flavoured coffees. Guests that want to drink during your gathering can simply bring their own bottles. 

#4 – Fill Your Table

Tightening your brunch budget doesn’t mean that your table has to look bare and shabby. Reducing the volume of food is one thing, but you can still fill up your table to make your guests appreciate your brunch bounty. Try using platters of fresh fruit, flowers, tableware, and candles to fill out your table and make it look full. 

#5 – Pancakes and Waffles

Some of the most affordable and tasty choices for your brunch are pancakes and waffles. You can set up a DIY waffle bar and have your guests make their own custom dishes. Make sure that you have lots of add-ons, including fruit and sweets. The batter for your waffles and pancakes can be made in advance and kept in the fridge until needed. 

#6 – Dinnerware

You can try a little psychological trick to help your guests feel like nothing has been cut short by serving on slightly smaller plates. A lunch or salad plate size will still hold enough food but not look as empty as a larger dinner plate. You can also extend your table settings to include extra silverware, juice and wine glasses, and cloth napkins to make each space look fuller. 

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