10 Of The Best Places For Recovery Brunch In Sydney


It seems that time and time again we tend to forget what awaits us the morning after a big night out – a pounding head, queasy stomach and the dread of piecing together the night before – yep, it’s a hangover.

While the ideal way to deal with a rough Sunday is to stay under the covers, a hangover isn’t complete without the craving of a whole lot of food. And unfortunately, trying to find the perfect place to recover from your night out might make that head even┬ámore sore!

Luckily we’ve complied 10 of the best brunch places to put you on the road to recovery!


Credit: @indigodoublebay

Recovery Spot #1 – Indigo (Double Bay)

A place that does all-day breakfast is a friend of ours on any day of the week, but especially on a hungover Sunday! Head down to Indigo in Double Bay and go wild with choices like the open Spanish omelette or pancake stack. If you’re feeling something a little greasier opt for the Haloumi burger.

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