Things to Know If You Want To Start Wearing Wigs

how to wear wigs

These days, wearing a wig doesn’t mean you can no longer afford to look after your hair or that you are hiding something. It’s simply the realisation that we want to change our appearance – whether that’s trying a new style or looking more like our past selves. Here are 6 tips to know if you’re looking to wear a wig for the first time.

#1 – Wearing wigs looks easy but they take time to master properly.

When many people first start wearing wigs, they quickly discover that it’s not just a simple matter of putting it on – set and forget, without any practice. While it might look easy when you see someone do it, there is A LOT to know about wearing wigs so they look as effortless and natural as possible.

#2 – Equip yourself to feel confident when you step outside.

It’s common for first time wig-wearers to get stuck in a negative mindset anytime someone looks or comments on their hair – minds go into overdrive thinking, can they tell? Does it look silly? But the truth is, of course, that they weren’t thinking anything of the sort! It’s time to ditch those negative feelings and embrace your new appearance. And besides, who cares what people think!

#3 – Wearing wigs save money compared to hair extensions.

Clip-in extensions are easy and super-popular, but it’s easy to spend big bucks on them. Clip in hair extensions can cost anywhere between $100-$300, which is insane considering how easy it is to damage your natural hair by wearing them consistently. If you like easy long hair and extra volume, then human hair natural wigs are the way to go hands down.

#4 – It’s easy to change your style with a wig.

While some people will say that your hairstyle will always look the same once you buy a wig, but that’s not entirely true. Wig brands often offer styles in packs of two, which is great news because it means that instead of buying one expensive wig, you can end up getting two for the same price.

Plus, if you get bored of one particular colour or celebrity waves, you can get another style like headband wigs and switch them over when you get sick of the first.

#5 – Wearing wigs doesn’t mean hiding away from the world.

We all love the look of effortless glam, whatever that means for you! All around the world people wear wigs for so many different reasons – people undergoing medical treatments, alopecia sufferers, those who want to identify differently, and of course those that just want to change up their look. Whatever your reason, don’t let it hold you back from expressing who you are.

#6 – Don’t waste money buying a super high-end wig when there are great ones on the market for a fraction of the price

Okay, so this one might ruffle a few feathers, but please hear us out. Regardless of whether you’ve always opted for pricey high-end brands for your clothing and accessories, when it comes to wigs, you may want to take a more practical approach.

Truth be told, wigs can get out of style quickly (especially if you’re someone who is always chasing the latest looks), and they can get really pricey at the same time. So whilst the latest Kylie Jenner-esque millennial pink locks may be amazing today, they’ll go out of style quickly and aren’t worth splurging on. Like a great Louis Vuitton handbag, invest in the classics and save on the seasonal trendy pieces.

To sum up, wearing wigs can be easy when you know how, but it’s easy to go wrong if you don’t know the basics. But that shouldn’t put you off experimenting with wig styles though – it’s super fun to do, and there are many options out there for all budgets and hair types.

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