5 Easy Make-Up Tips That Will Make Brown Eyes Stand Out


While there’s no denying that blue or green eyes are highly covetable and incredibly gorgeous, brown eyes can be just as stunning – if not more, if you play your cards right! However, just because you share the same eye colour as half the word’s population doesn’t mean your brown eyes don’t deserve to stand out and have their own moment to shine.

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When it comes to amping up your eye colour and accentuating your irises, the usual rule of thumb is to select a colour the exact opposite to your eyeshade. For example, pink tones will make green eyes pop and orange and gold will make blue eyes sparkle.

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Luckily for brown-eyed beauties almost anything goes as brown peepers have a combination of many different shades that you can work with, but the right shade of make-up can make them even more alluring.

Looking to add some depth and dimension to your brown eyes? Click through for the 5 make-up tips you need to follow!



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