Beauty Basics: 5 Easy Make-Up Tips To Compliment Blue Eyes

beauty tips makeup tips for blue eyes


If you’re one of the lucky few to be blessed with beautiful blue peepers, you probably already know that your eyes are one of your best features. And while blue eyes might be a recessive trait, they deserve to take dominance and be centre stage.

Got blue eyes and want to know how to really make them pop? The trick to enhancing your blue eye hue is to choose the perfect colours and shades of make-up that focus on playing up your assets, which in this case are your eyes.

Whether they are an icy blue or lean more to the grey side, blue eyes look at their best alongside warm shades on the opposite end of the colour wheel – think tangerine, peach, gold, cooper or coral.

Bring your baby blues back into focus by following these 5 simple make-up steps designed to make blue eyes sparkle…


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