Make-Up Basics: How To Make Hazel Eyes Pop

beauty tips and ideas how to make hazel eyes look their best


From contouring, to strobing, different make-up trends come and go. But there is one trend that remains eternal and that is accentuating our eyes. There is a reason why our eyes are labelled the windows to our soul, so why not make them look as gorgeous and intriguing as possible?

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That’s where makeup colours come in. When it comes to really amping up your eye colour, the key lies in choosing the perfect colours and tones to compliment your eyeshade. The right make up shades can make the biggest difference in making your gaze-worthy eyes look like the best, biggest, prettiest version of themselves.

And it’s no secret that hazel eyes are one of the most stunning and unique shades of all, with the likes of Mila Kunis, Angelina Jolie and Sophia Loren sporting this eye colour. Hazel eyes have so many different flecks of colours that you can really play with different hues depending on which tones you want to bring out.

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