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Many Australian readers would have spotted a few Koalas in their travels lately – they’re cropping up on our social media feeds, they’re visible out on the street, and some are in our bedrooms.

What is happening you ask? Disruption to the mattress industry is the answer!

As much as the terms “disruption” and “getting a good night’s sleep” do not belong in the same sentence, in this case, ‘disruption’ means some very good things for getting a good night’s sleep.

Keep reading to learn how a Koala mattress can give you a good night’s sleep whilst saving a real Koala in the process!

We all know the feeling of disrupted sleep due to not getting comfortable, and/or the tossing and turning of our partner. Koala have innovated a whole new way to get a good night’s sleep – and it starts with the right mattress. 

Koala have discovered that much of our sleep disturbance can be eliminated by using a certain type of foam in the mattress itself. As such, Koala set about creating their own special blend of foam which absorbs the impact of annoying tossing and turning for ‘Zero Partner Disturbance’.

To prove the stability of their mattresses, Koala encourage customers to do a ‘wine glass test’ – YES, you can safely sit a filled wine glass on a Koala mattress without fear of spillage, which is pretty incredible.

According to Koala, their own blend of foam outperforms other competing mattresses, and it exceeds Australasian & Global environmental regulations. Their mattresses, which are 100% Australian made, are built upon a firm base with “5 panel zoning for optimal spinal support”, and have a soft to touch top layer to ease your joints.

As an online-only business, Koala has made the process of upgrading your mattress cheaper and more convenient than before. And, it is risk free. Koala mattresses come with a 120 day return policy and a 10 year warranty. 

Did we mention that the company also adopts a real koala with every purchase in Australia with the WWF! (So far they have adopted over 37,000 Koalas, donated over $500,000 to charities, and planted over 5K trees!)

As an animal lover – and notoriously bad sleeper, what Koala are doing sounds great to me!

I received the opportunity to trial and review a Koala mattress, so keep reading to find out what the ordering process and sleeping experience is really like.


#1 – Ordering Process 

As Koala is an online-only business, they have made the ordering process as simple as can be. Ordering a mattress from their website is literally no more than a 3 step process that takes seconds to complete. I was thankful and observant that they respected my time in checkout- there were no unnecessary steps, nor any superfluous collection of data. I liked it.

#2 – Delivery 


Delivery of your Koala mattress can happen in as little as 4 hours (amazing) but there is the option to choose another time that suits you. Communication about the delivery process is efficient and thorough (emails and text messages.)

My Koala mattress was scheduled to arrive between 10-2pm on a weekday which I thought was a workable window of time. By 2pm my mattress had not yet arrived, however I did receive a courtesy call from the delivery company explaining that the driver was running 30 minutes late, which was a nice customer service touch. True to their word, he did arrive to my door 30 minutes later.

#3 – Unboxing & Set Up 


The great thing about Koala mattresses is that they arrive in a BOX. Whilst still weighing 40kg for a King size, the box does make it easier to move the product around (and according to the company the box is able to fit into a regular vehicle.)

The actual opening of the box was fuss-free (much like the ordering process.) They have eliminated unnecessary complications and packaging completely, so it is literally just slicing across one sticky-taped side, and the rolled up mattress comes right out.


The mattress is rolled up in clear plastic, and it decompresses in around 20 minutes.  The product comes with a plush Koala toy and real adoption certificate from the WWF as well.

TIP: For ease of use, especially if you are solo, I recommend putting the rolled up mattress on the empty bed base before unravelling it, as it is easier to handle it rolled up, rather than trying to move the decompressed mattress onto the bed base. Either way, it was a simple process.


#4 – Comfort & Sleeping

The Koala mattress provides an unusual sensation (in a good way) in that it feels firm overall, but still soft on top. The mattress feels as if it has substance inside (with NO springs or anything actually hard, just foam), but it remains soft when you lie on it. They’ve done a really good job in developing their proprietary foam!

Laying on the Koala mattress was noticeably different (again, in a good way) to my old-style inner-spring. There is no bounce, the product ever-so-slightly moulds around the body, but you never feel as if you are sinking in or drowning in layers of foam. 


Overnight, I really enjoyed sleeping on the Koala mattress! With various injuries (such as recovering from a fractured knee) I was of course keen to see how my knee felt the next day, and I can report that there was no discomfort – the mattress is firm enough to support the limbs, but soft enough that it doesn’t “push”.

I felt that partner disturbance was minimised versus my old mattress, the Koala mattress is a lot more absorbing. Whilst I am using my Koala mattress on a simple slatted bed, with the Koala mattress, my bed now feels a lot more stable and solid like a bed with a base – it feels more high quality and expensive (and all I have done is upgrade my mattress!)

If you’d like to upgrade your mattress as well, we have teamed up with Koala to offer readers $150 off their Koala mattress purchase! 

You can order your Koala Mattress HERE!



This story was a collaboration with Koala but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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