How To Create The Perfect Classy Workspace At Home


The perfect workspace is more than just a place to catch up on emails and tinker about your side hustle. As a reflection of your personality and style, a workspace should be designed to make you feel inspired, positive and productive.

Whilst any proper home office or study nook definitely needs a few high-performance tools to get the job done, a home-based workspace should feel nothing like a corporate cubicle!

Plant life, photos and inspiring artwork are all welcome in a home-office environment. Just remember the golden rule of quality over quantity, and you’re on the way to creating a space that is welcoming and inspiring. 

Keep reading for our tips to creating the perfect classy workspace at home. 

#1 – Premium Laptop

The centrepiece for any classy and stylish workspace is undoubtedly the laptop. A sleek and stylish laptop with a premium feel will set the tone for the rest of your space. Look for a laptop that reflects your aesthetic whilst never compromising on performance.

We’re loving HP’s Spectre range which is an absolutely stunning choice for style-conscious peeps. The pinnacle of super-sleek and stylish design, the Spectre range not only beautifies your desk, it combines the latest generation processors with a brilliant display and amazing battery life. We’re converted to the Spectre 13 which we’ve found is the perfect PC for creating and consuming content.

Super elegant, the ultra-slim Spectre 13 comes in Ceramic White with light gold accents (our favourite) or Dark Ash Silver with copper accents. Lightweight yet durable, the Spectre range is made out of aluminium and carbon fibre which we’ll admit looks so much at home in a classy work environment, we wouldn’t consider buying anything else! 

Looks aside, the Spectre 13 can easily keep up with your life and workload. Boasting fast speed and plenty of memory (up to 16 GB) it won’t crash or slow you down if you’re always juggling multiple projects.

Lastly, thanks to 8 million pixels and a nearly borderless display, the Spectre 13 is seriously eye-opening. It will improve the way you experience content, with sharper resolution, brighter more life-like colours, and patented glass for a crystal clear viewing experience.


The HP Spectre 13 is priced from $2,299. Visit to buy.

Ceramic White is exclusively available from Harvey Norman and

Follow HP Australia on instagram – @HP_Australia

#2 – Candles

Work spaces are the perfect place to put all those candles you’ve been given to good use! Elevating not only the senses but the aesthetic of your space, candles for us are like a magnet for motivation! Choose chic and modern designs with fresh uplifting scents. 

#3 – Plant Life

Whilst a beautiful vase of flowers is the ultimate classy indulgence, low-maintenance succulents or small bouquets plucked from the garden will transform any desk in an instant. 

#4 – Artwork

Perched above, artwork trickles down the tone of the space that you wish to create. Whilst inspirational, uplifting, and beautiful art is a must, it needn’t be expensive. Digital prints, quotes, framed pages from your favourite art book or mood board-style collages will help create a classy space.

#5 – Inspirational Diary

With so much of our world happening online, there’s nothing nicer than having an old-fashioned paper diary to help us stay on task in life! Encouraging thoughtfulness with every stroke of the pen, an inspirational diary (extra points for monogramming) is a lovely way to style up your work space. We love the monogrammed options by The Daily Edited.

#6 – Other Workspace Do’s & Dont’s

DO: Try to create an abundance of natural light

DON’T: Don’t let your work space fall prey to clothes and other personal items

DO: Keep clutter to a minimum

DON’T: Set up your work space next to sleeping areas

DO: Use a stationary organiser to keep pens, rubber bands and other knick-nacks contained

DON’T: Keep piles of paperwork stacked up around you. File, store or sort instead.

DO: Go for a minimal desktop – whether it be wood, glass or stone, simple is best

DON’T: Paint walls around you dark colours such as red and purple. White is right. 

DO: Seclude your work space away from domestic distractions


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This post was sponsored by HP, however all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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