Coco Chanel Quotes – 16 Quips To Guide Your Life and Style

Coco Chanel quotes are the perfect antidote when we need some style advice spiked with a measure of sass.

Trailblazer and entrepreneur, the story of Coco Chanel is legendary. From her impoverished upbringing, to her world-famous suitors, and of course, her success – Coco Chanel remains one of the most revered and admired women of the modern era.

A ‘tour de force’ in more ways than one, her great strength was her ability to read the times and the moods that changed them. Perceiving of change before others, Coco Chanel set about creating her own entrepreneurial path – a radical step during a time when women were seen as decorations rather than disruptors.

Eschewing traditional forms of women’s clothing completely, Coco Chanel believed in freedom of movement for women. For daywear, she drew inspiration by the functional chicness of men’s clothing – bringing masculine-style tailoring and fabrics such as tweed and jersey into sporting pieces for the modern woman.

Not merely interested in creating male clones, Coco Chanel gave her revolutionary designs a dose of femininity, bringing in oversized costume jewellery, faux pearls, the re-imagined handbag, and designer perfume into the offering.

This duality in Coco’s designs mirrored her own functional personality. Whilst championing women’s empowerment and modernity, she harnessed the power of her femininity – using it to her utmost advantage to create the life she dreamed of.

Here we gather 16 of our favourite Coco Chanel quotes to inspire your life and style!

Coco Chanel QuotesCoco Chanel Quote –

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly!”

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