The Prettiest Jewellery Trends You’ll Want To Wear Everyday

jewellery trends
Over recent years, the reigning minimalist fashion movement dictated that jewellery trends stick to delicate and understated styles with a pared back and fuss-free aesthetic. But in 2021, things are set to change, with a move to prettier, weightier, and more colourful pieces predicted.

Whether it’s in response to the era of COVID-19 and the blandness of WFH, or it’s just a natural movement on everyone’s style dial, the progression to more whimsical jewellery such as these luscious pieces from Lito jewelry in Athens, Greece, is a way to stand out and show our personal style once again.

If you’re looking to add a few new pieces to your jewellery collection, here are the prettiest jewellery trends for 2021 you’ll want to wear everyday.

#1 – Pearl and chain anklets

jewellery trends anklet

Those who know the art of building a jewellery collection know that it’s definitely worth it to invest in key pieces that will always be a staple, or are bound to come back in style. One such example is the anklet, which was trendy back in the 90s and is now one of the hottest jewellery trends of 2021.

But rather than the delicate chains of the past, today’s anklets are more detailed and more elaborate. Expect to see a lot of women wearing chain link or pearl anklets this summer. For a bohemian look, consider wearing a white gold or rose gold anklet with charms, and layer it with a leather or beaded anklets.

#2 – Baroque pearls

jewellery trends baroque pearls

If you love vintage jewellery, then you’ll be happy to know that baroque pearls are back in style. Everyone from the Duchess of Cambridge to the cast of Bridgerton have been spotted wearing them, and there’s no doubt that they add a feeling of luxe to any look. Given that the irregular shape and size of these pearls makes them look more interesting than conventional round ones, they’re the perfect organic finishing touch to a classic suit or a little black dress.

And for a touch of the unexpected – if you want to make the look even more modern, wear a dangling baroque pearl earring in only one ear, with a matching metallic stud or small hoop on the other. You can also have baroque pearls set in a metal cuff for a statement piece, or wear them as a pendant or necklace.

#3 – Pendant necklaces

jewellery trends

Long pendant necklaces are an accessories staple for many of us as they are perfect for styling up any outfit. You can layer a long pendant necklace over a dress, a plain blouse, t-shirt, or even favourite swimwear, Meanwhile, for a pretty yet casual look, a gemstone pendant necklace on a short chain looks great with office wear or a plain white tee. For a lighter look, choose a necklace with a light-coloured stone such as aquamarine, morganite, rose quartz, or topaz.

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