Pink Outfits: 15 Luxe Looks To Inspire You


Despite what you’ve previously thought, there’s nothing wrong with incorporating the power of pink in your day-to-day wardrobe. When it comes to this particular shade however, it not only depicts a likeness to girly-girl-fashion but it brings along a cue of controversy as well. Many women think that by wearing pink, they’re more or less wearing their heart on their sleeve.

Little do they know, this couldn’t be further from the truth! By wearing pink, you’re not only paying homage to one the best colour-codes there is, you’re showing the world that you care about fashion and femininity, and aren’t afraid to throw a little colour into the mix.

So cast your misconceptions aside, it’s time we learnt about this shade-of-the-moment and why it can work for every woman.

Scroll through for all the inspiration you’ll need to master the power of pink this season!


The Pink Dress:

The most fashion-savvy ensemble right now would have to be a pink dress. From body-con to silky slips, a dusty pink dress possesses both angles of femininity and colour and equates to the perfect spring-time ensemble.

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