Loving Your Locks: How To Treat And Care For Your Long Hair

how to care for long hair

Long, flowing, and luscious locks have been considered to be the height of femininity for thousands of years. But it’s notoriously hard to take care of. If you’re looking for tips and tricks, keep reading to learn more!

Many people consider longer hairstyles to be more attractive, they’re seen as giving the wearer an air of grace, sophistication and style. A full, thick head of healthy hair also indicates that the wearer also cares for their lifestyle, diet and self-care routines. It shows that the person is focused on their general wellness and health, as well as their outward appearance.

Needless to say, the hair styling and haircare industries are worth billions, with countless men and women spending small fortunes to care for and treat their precious strands.

In recent years, hair extensions have become mainstream, which allow you to attach pieces of hair to your own, giving the appearance of a much fuller head of hair than the one you were naturally blessed with. 

Understanding the unique needs of different hair types is essential for effective hair care. For those with black hair for instance, it’s important to consider its distinctive characteristics. Visit Allurium Beauty to learn more about how black hair differs and discover valuable tips for maintenance.

Regardless of whether you are naturally blessed with long locks, or choose to enhance the length and thickness of your hair with extensions, caring for long hair is no easy feat, with tangling and matting being tricky issues to deal with. 

Furthermore, longer hair can appear greasy or oily if you don’t follow the correct washing and conditioning routine, and it can also be susceptible to dryness – particularly if the scalp is dry.

So, how best to care for long hair, and to avoid these common issues? Keep reading for some helpful tips and handy hints on how to make your long hair easier to care for and maintain long-term! 

Treating and Caring for Your Long Hair

how to care for long hair

#1 – If Your Long Hair is Dry, Dull or Lacklustre

Using high-quality, salon-grade products to treat and care for your hair is extremely important, but it’s particularly important if your hair is long. Long hair is difficult to maintain at the best of times and it’s more prone to dryness. Dryness causes split ends which can cause long hair to appear dull, flat or lacklustre.

For a glossy appearance and soft texture, you need to restore health and shine to the hair – and to do that, it’s crucial to use a good shampoo. Shampoo by Keune is an ideal choice for people with long hair, as it contains an essential mineral complex that works to provide deep nourishment to long locks and ensure they stay as healthy as possible. 

#2 – If Your Long Hair is Oily or Greasy

Irrespective of how regularly you wash your hair, it can still get oily and greasy between washes! This is especially true for long hair, particularly if it is overly exposed to outdoor elements, sweat and grime.

To make matters worse, hair oiliness can actually be exacerbated by over-washing or washing the hair too frequently. This could be caused by an overproduction of sebum in the scalp, or it could be because the hair products you are using to wash your hair are too heavy for your hair type.

Importantly, if your hair is naturally fine and thin, using an especially thick and heavy shampoo can be detrimental to the health and condition of your hair. Choose products that contain lighter ingredients – for instance, soothing chamomile, ensures you aren’t weighing down your strands with the wrong ingredients. 

#3 – If Your Long Hair Tangles or Matts Easily

Lastly, long hair can tangle easily, especially if you wear hair extensions. If you do wear hair extensions, it’s helpful to weave the extensions into soft plaits before going to bed, to stop them from becoming matted and knotty while you sleep – particularly at the back of the head.

Using special detangling hair brushes or even a wide-tooth comb to remove knots from the hair can also do wonders to ensure your long locks stay smooth. These haircare items can often be purchased at professional hair extension salons, or even, through an online hair retailer’s website. 

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