How to: Make A Flower Crown

One of the biggest and most beautiful headwear trends over the past 12 months would HAVE to be the Flower Crown. Spotted everywhere from the runways, to editorial, on covers, celebrity baby showers, and on the head of more than a handful of brides the world over, the flower crown has morphed into a craze to be reckoned with.

Kate and Mini-Kate photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue

Perhaps triggered by Lana Del Ray’s wearing of a floral crown on her “Video Games” album cover, the crown has since been the go-to adornment for every romantically-inclined, forest nymph, boho, gypsy, flower child, festival-goer or bride since.

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And it’s easy to see why the flower crown has become such a big hit: flower crowns are soft and feminine; they celebrate natural beauty, and the best part is each and every (natural) crown is 100% unique.  It’s a refreshing change to artifice and a beautiful form of self-expression.

Flower Crown inspiration via Pinterest

As Summer approaches, expect to see more than a few flower crowns crop up at weddings, festivals, the races and just on the street. Flower crowns are the perfect way to top off a stunner of a wedding dress. You can soften things up while adding unmistakable bohemian glam to your look – dreamy and gorgeous and just a touch whimsical! If you’re keen to explore your inner flower-child, we’ve teamed up with the amazing duo at Bloombox Co, who have put together a step by step tutorial so you can make your own floral crown at home. 

The good news is that it’s actually easy to make your own, so whether you’re getting hitched or just want to wear a crown on the reg (we feel you), all you need is a few bits and pieces, some beautiful blooms, and about 30 minutes.

You will need:

Firm florist or millinery wire

Thin craft wire

Flowers! Find one big one to use as a feature, and a mixture of smaller flowers and foliage. Anything goes, but we used a large chrysanthemum to be the star of our show.


1. Measure a piece of firm florist or millinery wire to your head. Make the halo a little smaller than your head (as below)


2.  Join the ends securely with tape or wire (as below)


3. Start by adding smaller pieces of foliage by tightly wrapping craft wire around to secure it in place. Ensure there is enough stem length to wire securely – we recommend that you cut your flowers as you go so you know exactly what lengths you’ll need. (As below)


 4. Add feature foliage and flowers and berries, overlapping slightly.


5. Finish up by securing your feature flower!


And you’re done! Gorgeous, fresh and floral.


You can wear the larger flowers front or back!

Crown care:

You’ll want to keep your gorgeous crown in tip top shape for as long as possible, so pop your crown in the fridge to keep it fresh and away from heat, dust and sunlight until its time to wear. Make sure you keep it lying flat and be careful not to squash any of your gorgeous blooms.


About BLOOMBOX CO – Designed to aid, promote and inspire beautiful living, BLOOMBOX CO is Australia’s premium fresh cut, naked flower subscription. But we’re more than just flowers. Our goal is to be the online epicentre of creative floral inspiration for women with soul and a true sense of fun. It’s all about self expression, interaction, creativity and just making life beautiful.  So get amongst it! The world needs your creativity.

BLOOMBOX CO launches next week so head on over to register for a world of floral goodness.




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