This Is The Solution To Grow Your Hair 20% Faster For Summer

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As the saying goes, “Summer bodies start in Winter” and the same goes for our hair. If you’re like us, your tresses have probably found themselves wound into buns and tucked under hats throughout the icy, windy, winter months more often than you’d care to admit.

Those neglected strands – lacklustre at best, dry and brittle at worst, speak little of the insta-perfect locks you long for.

Whilst you may cast off illusions that long, healthy hair is only for the genetically blessed or those with tonnes of money and time, thanks to amazing developments in science – and the breakthrough products created by évolis®, this is no longer true!

We are here to tell you that FINALLY – there is a way to grow your hair faster (we’re talking 20% faster, ready for Summer).

If you want to love your hair again, read on to learn about the product that’s proven to deliver…

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What is it? – Created by scientists specialising in hair biology, évolis® is a premium hair brand that harnesses breakthrough technology for longer, thicker, healthier hair. évolis®  PROMOTE is the first clinically tested natural product that is proven to make your hair grow faster over a 16 week period. The range includes a Shampoo and Conditioner, and an Activator.

How does it work? – évolis® PROMOTE works two ways. Firstly, it improves the condition and quality of your hair via ultra-nourishing ingredients and hydrating extracts. The active ingredients in évolis®  are natural plant extracts and importantly, the products are free of SLE’s SLS, parabens and silicon.

Secondly, these ingredients are combined with clinically proven actives which lengthen your hair’s growth cycle whilst increasing how fast your hair actually grows. (Tests have proven the product accelerates hair growth by 20%).

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The évolis®  range is colour safe, keratin safe, extension safe, 100% cruelty free and recommended by hair stylists. In a consumer experience study 9 out of 10 preferred the évolis®  system to their current hair care regimen.

With Spring on our doorstep, now is the perfect time to start giving back to your best asset (your hair!) via a targeted approach that’s clinically proven. There is no longer any need to sit and hope – and wait – for your hair to bounce back from the harsh winter onslaught, or a horror haircut.

The évolis®  PROMOTE range will help you achieve naturally longer, healthier hair in a shorter time, so there’s no more bad hair days come Summer. For further information and to buy, click here.

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And – if other hair issues are your concern, the team at évolis®  have developed two other professional product ranges designed to help. They are:

évolis® PREVENT– This range anticipates hair thinning by preserving the condition of the hair to combat signs of hair ageing. Find out more here.

évolis® REVERSE – This range targets those suffering from thinning hair, ageing hair and hair fall. It decreases hair fall while fortifying structure and increasing hair volume. Find out more here.

Prestige retailer Neiman Marcus will launch all three évolis®  ranges in the USA to coincide with the Australian launch on 1 September 2017.

For more information on the évolis®  range of products, visit the évolis®  website-

You can also follow them on Facebook – ‘Evolis’ and Instagram –@evolisprofessional


This story is a collaboration with évolis®


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