10 Best Celebrity-Approved Spring Dresses This Year


If you’re like us, you would have spent the past few months dreaming of the days when you will be back outside basking in the warmth that is Spring again.

And with Spring finally here, there is nothing quite as satisfying as hanging up our coats inspired by Carrie Bradshaw braving the New York Winter – and swapping them with our favourite sundresses.

While the weather might continue to control our wardrobes for a few weeks yet, we are here to make sure you’re prepared for the day you can finally bare your legs on the streets!

Take inspiration from these 10 celebrity-approved Spring dresses then shop our favourite picks at the end!

spring dresses

Credit: Getty Images

Red – the colour of the moment – will continue to be everywhere this Spring, and Jenny Walton is one of the first to embrace it.

Pairing this red maxi dress with simple strappy heels, Walton looks both effortless and elegant. If you feel the cold a little more than most, drape a blazer over your shoulders for extra warmth!

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