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Hitched With Your Skin Enriched

You’re taking the plunge and about to tie the knot. It’s that one day of your life where you really want everything to be perfect – including your skin. However, thanks to stress and a myriad of other factors, this is often a time when brides experience break outs and other skin complaints that are most certainly not on the guest list!

When walking down the isle you will probably be looking at your friends and family surrounding you, and of course the love of your life will be waiting at the altar to affirm their eternal commitment and love for you… Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. Or something like that. And of course, each and every person there will be looking at you right back – taking in your dress and hair style, makeup and all of the other elements of your wedding day look. They’ll also really be focusing on your FACE, whether it’s smiling and gleeful or trickling sweet tears of joy. Your face is going to be the focal point that captures the romance of the day. And you know it.

To be fair, it’s not a major deal in the scheme of things, but bad skin can really skew our confidence on a day when we desperately desire to look and feel gorgeous.


So how can you ensure great skin that is radiantly clear, fresh, blemish, pimple and wrinkle free for your big day? (Thankfully, it’s easier than you think!) The team at Brazilian Beauty have complied 5 ultra-simple steps to enhancing wedding day beauty – something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a sixpence in her shoe.

Something old

Its time to focus on the old – old dead skin cells that is! Service, repair and upgrade your skin to become bight, shiny, and polished. Remove the “rust” and expose wonderful skin through using a suitable exfoliant, whether it’s chemical or physical, on a weekly basis. Start exfoliating religiously every week at least a few months before your wedding if you’re after impeccable skin tone and texture.


Something new

Why not try a new and active product to kick-start and boost your skin to flawlessness, especially if it’s bright and shiny, right? But with anything new you need to change your schedule and maybe even lifestyle well ahead of time. Find a product suitable for your skin and specific concerns, invest and use as recommended by your beauty professional if you’re after guaranteed results.

When swapping over to a new product make sure you do this at least three months prior to your wedding day. Why? Because it’s easy to break out if you’re using a new product, especially with added stress or if you know your skin is reactive or sensitive. It is essential to find a skin care range that can target your concerns and change and improve skin rather than just masking your problem areas. The best way to do this is by asking a professional at your local beauty salon for a free skin analysis and find out what is going to really work for you.


Something borrowed

Ever borrowed a friends high end clothing item and received comments from people such as, “Oh..Where did you get that? I love it!” Well, you will get the same question but about your skin, when you “borrow” a professional salon treatment machine. These specialist treatments are only performed professionally by therapists and provide the crème de la crème of technology designed to target skin concerns. Pop into your favorite and trusted salon 3 months prior to your wedding and look into investing and committing to one or more advanced skin treatments to target concerns. For lingering acne, scarring, or post-breakout pigmentation, try a chemical peel, IPL Skin Rejuvenation and Dermal Rolling, or Microdermabrasion for dull skin.


Something blue

What is really going to enhance your wedding day look (and your skin’s radiance) is water. We can’t say it enough! Water. Water. Water. It’s the key to fantastically hydrated and healthy skin tone and texture, gorgeous glossy hair, feeling good and general health. Not to mention assist in extra hydration for the alcohol intake and hangover the next day. It’s a win, win situation. Leading up to your wedding try to drink more water every single day. This simple and easy tip will really help and assist with all the other elements you have committed to. This will help with getting you one step closer to perfectly flawless skin on your special day.


And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

So you have taken all the steps to beautiful skin. Right diet. Check. Advanced Skin Treatments. Check. Skin Care. Check. So what’s left? We all know beauty can come at a price but to ensure this all isn’t costing you the world, try to purchase your advanced skin treatments in packages to receive a discount. You can save a substantial amount that can be put in the piggy bank for the honeymoon.

You don’t need to spend a fortune on skin care, the price tag doesn’t always indicate if it’s going to work for you and your unique concerns. Instead when looking for a skin care range look for a cosmeceutical rather than a cosmetic. Use products on your face that aren’t going to be harmful, so try to steer clear of products with a huge list of ingredients, preservatives and unnecessary fragrances.

So there you have it, our 5 step guide to radiant skin that is every bride’s dream!  We know wedding planning can take it’s toll, so above all, remember to project the calm and the positive and enjoy the whole experience!

Watch this space for more beauty bits from Ella and the Brazilian Beauty Team!

BB xx


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