How To *Always* Buy The Perfect Bra

No two bras are created the same, so picking the wrong one can be very uncomfortable and costly – especially if you need a new piece of lingerie for a special outfit or occasion. Additionally, according to The Better Fit, over 80% of women wear the wrong size bra, so there’s a decent chance you might have the wrong size on!

We consulted the experts at Bendon who have educated us on how to buy the perfect bra every time, with the exact steps needed to determine your proper size and fit requirements. Following these steps will ensure you end up with a perfect purchase that makes you look and feel incredible.

Keep reading to learn exactly how to buy the right bra for any occasion!

To start off, the bras every woman needs are:

#1 – T-shirt bra

This bra is designed to become virtually invisible under fitted tops and slinky dresses, all while giving you a beautiful, full shape.

#2 – A shaped bra

In these bras, the cup is moulded and sometimes even padded to help create a fuller breast shape. These are a good choice if you’re looking to create more curves or would like to correct an imbalance.

#3 – A strapless or convertible bra

Most strapless bras are now convertible, with detachable straps so you can match your bra to a halter-neck, racer-back, and even an off-the-shoulder outfit. These bras tend to come with a sticky seam for added grip to your body.

#4 – A ‘sexy’ bra

This is where your imagination can go wild. Lots of ladies have different views on what’s considered sexy, but anything that feels good against your skin and offers luxurious details is definitely a winner.
Look at balconette bras, lace corsets, bralettes and full cups for feminine touches.

#5 – A sports bra or crop

Sports bras can make doing the activities you love so much more enjoyable with sweat-wicking properties and unparalleled support. There are types that constrict, compress or do a bit of both – so whether you’re a runner, hockey player or rower, there’s an option for you.

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