Hi everyone, It’s Hitched Magazine here again. And today we want to talk head pieces; because what you wear on your head is just as important as the dress you don on your day.

And it should match as well! There’s no point wearing a glamorous long veil if you’re wearing a funky short dress. Or a bright floral head piece if you’re getting married in a very traditional way.

So today we wanted to go through a few of our fave. options with you. Because a headpiece can be quite easy to shop for, once you’ve found your dress.

So if you’ve found that (lucky you!) although if you haven’t that’s ok too. Because while you’re shopping it’s good to keep your eyes out for ideas.

Let’s start with the most traditional. The veil. Back in the day wearing a veil almost always meant that it was long. Very, very long. But today you can wear one that’s short and funky too.

We think long veils work really well with the more traditional wedding/bride while a smaller one looks good paired back with a funky short or vintage dress. Etsy always have fab cheap options and often your dress designer can make one for you too. So just ask them.

This is the one option that will most def. make you feel like a bride! (Just try one on and you’ll see what we mean).

Image: Jonathon Ong


Embellished headpieces are the new kids on the block and ones that will suit Brides who’d like their dress to make their statement rather than what they wear on their head. Lara Bingle wore a fab thin one that was centered in the middle of her part to the Derby Day races earlier this year and slowly they’ve begun to crop up all over the place.

This option would suit most dresses and brides and is the perfect option if you don’t want to go OTT. It’s also a good option if you feel like you might want to take it off as the night wears on.


Next on our list is the floral head piece. If you’ve been to a wedding in the last year or two you may have seen the bride wear a floral head piece. They have been everywhere! Floral head pieces work best for the summer months, coloured dress or garden parties.

And although popular now, we think it might be one of those trends that might soon be overdone.

Image: Erin and Tara photography

Image: Peta Rudd

Headbands come in a variety of styles and to be honest, are quite easy to make. You can use anything from ribbons, to pearls, florals and even feathers to create one so it depends on the style of your dress.

This is a good option for brides who don’t want to mess up their beautiful wedding hair. But could also be fun to go a little wild and create a statement piece to WOW your guests with too!

Image: Lara Hotz

Headband by Teeki 2 (photography Lara Hotz)

Vintage clips work best with a vintage dress. It’s a no brainer really. But they also work really well with classic/traditional brides who might not want to wear the traditional veil on their special day. Vintage clips can also be passed down as heirlooms or could be used as your ‘something blue’ if decorated correctly. They’re perfect for all up-do’s too!

Peppermint studios

Image: Lili Waters


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