What To Wear To A Night At The Casino

what to wear to the casino at night

What is one often-overlooked factor that contributes to an unforgettable casino experience? Your attire. Whether you’re planning a night at a local venue or a trip to a luxurious destination casino, feeling confident and glamourous is key.

Unlike online gambling sites like the casino NZ, land-based establishments have a certain cultivated ambiance that you simply MUST dress up for. Understanding the dress code ensures you blend in (in the right way) and dress for success. These simple tips will help you ensure a smooth entry into the casino, feel more confident, and focus on the games themselves.

Here’s what to wear for a perfect casino night.

what to wear to the casino

#1 – Get To Know The Casino

The concept of a casino dress code originated in Monte Carlo in the 19th century. Wealthy clientele were encouraged to dress elegantly, adding to the air of sophistication and exclusivity. However, not all casinos are created equal. A quick online search or a call to the casino will shed light on their specific dress code.

Casinos typically fall into three categories:

Elite: High-rollers and glamour are the main signs here. Expect a black-tie optional or cocktail dress code. Men should consider tuxedos or dark, well-tailored suits (navy, charcoal gray) with crisp dress shirts, and ties (avoid novelty ties). Women can choose elegant cocktail dresses in a variety of fabrics and lengths, or evening gowns in luxurious materials for a truly unforgettable entrance.

City: Smart casual. This is the most common dress code. You should consider it an elevated version of your everyday attire. Pick collared shirts (long or short sleeves) in classic patterns or solids paired with dress pants or chinos in neutral tones for men. Women can choose tailored dresses or skirts with elegant blouses or a dressy jumpsuit. Avoid ripped jeans, sportswear, and overly casual attire like graphic tees or flip-flops.

Resort locations: Casinos located in resort destinations ensure a relaxed atmosphere. Here, you can get away with nice dark-wash jeans paired with a polo shirt or a button-down shirt with loafers. Female gamblers can choose sundresses in breathable fabrics or a skirt and blouse combination. However, you should avoid anything too revealing, ripped, or dirty.

#2 – Dress for Comfort and Confidence

While adhering to the dress code is important, it’s still important to be comfortable. A night spent fidgeting with an itchy suit or a dress that restricts movement won’t be enjoyable. Choose breathable fabrics like silk or fine cotton that allow for ease of movement, especially if you plan on spending extended hours at the tables.

Feeling confident in your attire goes a long way. Dress in a way that makes you feel polished and put-together. Ensure that your shoes and the dress aren’t too tight. This will enhance your casino experience and maybe even bring a little bit of extra luck your way while placing bets on poker or slots.

#3 – Beyond the Basics

You should consider some extra tips to make your casino outfit look fantastic:

  • Skip the thongs and sneakers in casinos, unless you’re at a resort location where this is explicitly allowed. Choose dress shoes or loafers for men, and elegant heels or dressy flats for women.
  • Time of day. Some casinos, particularly those in high-traffic areas, might have a slightly stricter dress code in the evenings compared to the daytime.
  • Casinos located in beach destinations might have a more relaxed dress code compared to urban establishments.

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