Here Are The Secrets To Saving Money On Men’s Luxury Purchases

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Do you love luxury items but loathe their prices? Did you know it is possible to shop smarter and get luxury items for less than you’d think?

Luxury items for men are make treasured gifts as they are the best money can buy. But when the best materials and the best craftsmanship are used, the prices often reflect this. If you want to give the gift of luxury but don’t want to break the bank, there are some shopping secrets you need to know.

#1 – Plan In Advance

There’s a general rule about buying something as expensive like luxury items – you never buy things on a whim. Why? Because you may end up paying more for it this way.

The first things to understand before hitting the boutiques are: what do I really want to buy, and how much am I willing to spend. Making a wish list, no matter how informal it may be, is a good way to start this process.

Then, you can browse what’s available to see what options fall within your price range. Rather than splashing out then and there, the trick is to sit back and wait until the price is right. 

One way to do this is to purchase luxury items duty-free when you come back from your next trip, or purchase them overseas as this can often be cheaper.

Sometimes if you’re purchasing from Australia, luxury stores in the US or Europe will come up cheaper. So, if you’re already heading there on holiday, why not pick up your luxury item while you’re at it? 

#2 – Buy Out of Season

When it comes to designer clothing, it’s genius to buy summer clothes in the autumn and winter clothes in the spring. This is because brands are more likely to significantly drop the prices of their out-of-season clothes, to make way for new season collections.

This goes for some men’s backpacks & leather bags also, as well as shoes. Just remember, that if you invest in classic pieces, no one will know that the bag, shoes or clothes are from last year, or last season! All they’ll notice is how classy they look and how you wear and style these items to truly suit you. One great example of a timeless bag is the Sling Bag from LV Australia.

#3 – Choose Lesser-Known Brands 

It goes without saying that you pay more for the name of the most popular brands. Research which lesser-known brands are similar to your favourites, with a lower price tag. For example, Tudor watches cost a lot less than the top-end Rolex, but they look quite similar. 

The smart way to do this is to keep up to date with fashion and find local brands available in your area. You never know where the smallest hidden gems may be. 

Not only might shopping local be more cost effective for the same quality item, you can have a better overall experience when you buy from lesser-known brands – they are known to provide better and more individualised customer service than larger brands.

This is especially true when it comes to men’s clothing. Smaller brands may have options that larger brands wouldn’t include in their ranges, so if you want something unique, buying from smaller brands is one way to do it. 

#4 – Try Out Capsule Collections

Designers frequently release “capsule collections,” which consist of a few basic pieces that highlight their best work or a collaboration with a particular brand. Because of this, they are able to produce these few pieces in large quantities, which reduces costs and makes them more affordable.

You will still receive the same quality and name, but you will pay less. However, be careful because capsule collections typically have a limited run and will not be available again once they have sold out.

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