5 Of The Most Appreciated Gift Ideas For Fathers Day 2022

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Father’s Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to start brainstorming some unique gift ideas. While most people go with a gift card or a bottle of wine, there are so many other gifts out there he will appreciate!

We all know that men have a special place in their heart for their children and while they’re busy being super cool role models, they are also just kids at heart and appreciate things like handmade cards and silly gifts.

So let us give you some inspiration on what to get Dad this Father’s Day!

father day inspo

#1 – Keep him on time

When it comes to gifting, watches are always appreciated and they’re a great way to enhance Dad’s fashion sense. This is a traditional type of gift for sure, but there are many watches out there to match dad’s personality whether that’s cool and quirky or a bit more reserved.

For example, many men wear the same wrist watch for decades, and if Dad is one of them, gifting him a new watch is a great way to celebrate Fathers Day and upgrade his timepiece at the same time. So no matter what Dad’s style is, you can find a watch that he will love. Check out DealSeeker for some great ideas.

#2 – Keep him having fun

Dads love to play video games just as much as their kids do. It’s a fun and interactive way to bond with Dad, and you can even play against him to make it even more enjoyable.

If you are shopping for a gamer Dad, there are tons of great video games out there that can keep the two of you entertained for hours at a time.

If you’re not sure what game to pick, try to find a game that has a multiplayer feature. This way, you can play against Dad and even make it a family affair if you have other siblings who enjoy video games as well.

#3 – Keep him comfortable

Gifting socks tends to get a bad rap, but truth be told, they’re a great gift idea for Dads. Socks wear out, so it’s never a bad time to replenish his stash with a selection of cool and unique styles.

If you’re shopping for a sports-loving Dad, you’re in luck – there’s millions to choose from. For example, you can find themed socks that are perfect for Dads that love sports such as basketball and football. You can even find socks that are themed around certain TV shows and cartoons. 

#4 – Keep him under surveillance

Only kidding! This father’s day, why not give your dad a brand new drone? Drone technology is growing and is being used in many ways, including photography. For those who have a Dad who is into photography, gifting him a drone is a great choice.

There are many different drones out there, all with different features that are suited to different types of photography. When choosing a drone as a gift, think about Dad’s preferences, and whether Dad would like to control it with his smartphone, for example.

#5 – Keep him crafty

For Dads who appreciate crafty gifts, handmade gifts are always the best. There are many different types of gifts you can make for Dad, including:

Coasters: If Dad likes to enjoy a glass of beer or cold drinks, coasters are a great gift. Little kids will have a wild time decorating DIY coasters for Dad. 

Picture frames: Picture frames are a great gift idea for almost anybody, and Dads especially enjoy having pictures of their family displayed in their home. You can decorate pre-made DIY frames available from stores such as Spotlight or crafting retailers, or you could make the entire frame yourself.

Cushions: Perfect for Dads who like to sit on the couch and relax, cushions are another great gift idea. You can customise cushions with phrases and designs printed on them that will make dad smile.

Handmade cards: Nothing makes a Dad feel more loved than a handmade card.

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