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We’re big fans of Paul Mitchell here at BWA. When it comes to achieving a certain look for your hair Paul Mitchell really know their stuff.

I was recently invited to experience a cut and colour by a Paul Mitchell stylist and I could not be happier with my new look. And I don’t say that lightly, as I’m usually one of those people who leaves a salon and instantly bursts into tears.


…Not this time! Odette, my Paul Mitchell stylist not only gave me the most perfect new cut and colour she also introduced me to the best styling product ever invented, which has been completely life-changing for me as far as hair goes!

What is this product?

It is Paul Mitchell’s ‘Spray Wax‘. If your hair refuses to hold a curl, falls flat as soon as you leave the house, or if you’ve ever longed for bigger hair, you need this product.

I had basically given up on trying to create loose waves in my hair because despite half an hour with the GHD and all the sea salt spray in the world, nothing would hold. It was becoming such a waste of time that I just gave up.

(I am currently trialling VS Sassoon’s Secret Curl’ silicone pop up rollers and hope to bring you a review on these little beauties soon.)

Paul Mitchell In Salon Visit

LEFT: Before (kind of boring right?), and MIDDLE: ready for lift-off! RIGHT: These are the styling products Odette used. The one on the left is a spray wax, the one on the right is a heat treatment spray. (Excuse the poor picture quality!)


The Paul Mitchell spray wax is unlike hairspray in that the hair remains soft and there is plenty of movement. You can twist your hair and “poof” it up throughout the day with your hands – and voila! those “effortless waves”… They just seem to get bigger (??!!) and incredibly, the shape lasts for several days..

Note: I did learn the hard way that it is possible to use too much of the spray wax and end up with what can only be described as “American hair” ie, take the lead role in Dynasty! A few very tiny sprays go a REALLY long way.

I know how cheesy this sounds, but the Paul Mitchell spray wax (and Odette!) have literally given me the hair I have always wanted. Thank you Paul Mitchell!

Vanessa Roberts Fashion Editor, Breakfast With Audrey

LEFT: And why not just stop for a selfie on the way home from the salon? RIGHT: A few days later. New motto: “Big hair, don’t care.”



Now – onto hair trends!

With spring on the way and the start of a welcomed new sunny season, I consulted two other Paul Mitchell professional stylists about trending hairstyles and hair colours for spring 2015.

Danielle Valiente is a celebrity hairstylist with a pulse on all things fashionable and Jamie Anderbery-Stout is a Regional Colour Coordinator (aka hair color expert) for Paul Mitchell, so we let these gals school us on what’s cool for spring.


According to Danielle, when it comes to hairstyles the undone look will be preferred, instead of perfectly coiffed looks.

Here’s her checklist for understanding the spring 2015 trends and getting the right look:

  • Side Parts OUT / Center Parts IN
  • High Ponytails OUT / Low Ponytails IN
  • Super Curled Hair OUT / Naturally Dried Texture IN
  • Solid Fringe OUT / Soft Wispy Fringe IN
  • Braids: Still IN, just more on the messy side, almost as if you slept in it and kept it that way when you woke up.



Jamie reports that this spring we will see soft, subtle and open hues, with an emphasis on natural-looking hair color.

The it-colours will be uncomplicated, such as natural, sun-kissed shades of blonde with hints of Pantone’s Custard or Strawberry Ice and beautiful, rich brunettes with hints of soft colours like Marsala or Toasted Almond.

Danielle added that pastel hair colour, which was ever-popular in 2014, will take a backseat to champagnes and blush-toned blondes (think rose gold and subtle pinks!).

In tune with the season, spring hairstyles and colours are subtle, soft and easy to adopt.


So there you have it folks! Let us know if you plan on changing your look for Spring in the comments below!





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    very interesting!

  • Reply BellaB Monday 17th August, 2015 at 9:48 pm

    I will have to try that wax!

    • Vanessa Roberts - Editor
      Reply Vanessa Roberts - Editor Friday 28th August, 2015 at 7:19 am

      Definitely DO try it, I won’t use anything else now. Highly recommend!

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