How To Glow-Up Your Garden This Spring

Coming into spring, our home’s outdoor areas can be a sore sight after the harsh weather of the cooler months. In Sydney, we often get hailstones the size of golf balls one day and a bright humid day the next, which makes use of the outdoor space much more difficult! There are a few ways to improve the look and use of our garden areas for all seasons, whether that be adding a small planter garden, hanging some lighting or even installing some outdoor blinds.

Here we compile 6 tips to glow-up your garden and make the most of the precious space you have.

#1 – Create a herb garden

A herb garden is a great way to ensure you’re always eating fresh, flavoursome food – and furthermore, having herbs on hand saves money! If you have children, a herb garden is especially beneficial as it teaches them where food comes from and how to respect the earth. As our planet needs more love than ever, minimising your carbon footprint with your own mini garden is such an exciting and useful endeavour.

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