Focus On These 5 Areas For A Positive Impact On Your Life

create positive impact in your life
If you’re prone to overindulging in things that aren’t good for you, it might be time to learn how to take a balanced approach and enjoy things in moderation. Learning the habit of moderation can transform your life – keep reading to learn more!

We can all get stuck in a rut and fall into bad habits from time to time. That extra glass of wine is far too tempting. That hamburger and fries are just calling your name. But the more we continue to indulge, the more our healthy lifestyle heads in the wrong direction. 

The truth is, overly indulgent lifestyles can lead to weight issues, depression, low confidence, and diminished self-esteem. But the pathway forward isn’t just avoiding the things we know are not good for us completely…

Here’s 5 practical ideas to improve your health and lifestyle!

stay hydrated

#1 – Think about what you drink

Many of us enjoy a social alcoholic drink on the weekend, but try not to let this become an everyday occurrence. It can be hard to turn down that glass of wine in the evening and use it as a coping mechanism for a bad day. The same can be said for the amount of caffeine you drink. Avoid turning to a coffee or a sugary energy drink when you feel like you need a quick pick me up.

The best advice is to moderate what you drink and to keep these stimulants and depressants to a minimum. Instead, try to switch to more water or herbal tea throughout the day. Keeping yourself hydrated with the right beverages provides many benefits including clearer skin and a better night’s sleep. It’s recommended to get through at least two litres of water a day. If you struggle to drink this amount, invest in a water bottle that you can keep close by – it will remind you to drink more. 

#2 – Do more exercise and move more

We all know the major health benefits of exercising more, such as reducing weight, getting into shape, feeling happier and having more energy, but for many people it isn’t easy to do it regularly. Despite the fact that exercising can have a genuinely positive impact on your life, we all have excuses such as not having enough time or not feeling energetic enough to get out and do it.

If you’re planning on starting a new exercise habit, going from one extreme to another won’t be easy. It will be hard to go from zero to hero, and making exercise a daily occurrence – whilst still enjoying it. Instead, just focus on moving more in general. This could be taking a walk each day or starting to run.

Making exercise a part of daily life is a gradual process. Things like increasing the number of steps you do can be enough to get you in the right mindset to form a stable habit. If you’re ready to go one step further then join a gym or any other type of structured activity such as dance or sport. This can be a great motivator as it gives you the chance to make some friends whilst getting fit.

#3 – No yo-yo diets: opt for a balanced diet 

Many of us can be tempted to try an extreme diet to get some instant results, but the issue is the results are often short-lived. Fad diets can generate great weight loss at the beginning, but they’re often difficult to maintain.

The best option is nearly always opting for a balanced diet. This means that you will eat a good intake of fruit and vegetables, proteins and carbohydrates, but you don’t deny yourself the odd treat either. A balanced diet gives us everything we need to function, whilst promoting higher energy levels, clear skin and sustainable weight loss. 

A balanced diet can be hard if you’re new to this style of eating and have a busy schedule, so meal planning and batch cooking is a great way to help you stay on track. It can also be a great way to save money at the same time. If you’re struggling with healthier recipes, do a quick search online for some inspiration. 

#4 – Is your career holding you back?

The problem with any job is that we spend such a big chunk of our time doing it. If you don’t do something you enjoy or feel passionate about then it can be really become a depressing aspect of your life. Unfortunately, due to the fact we all need a wage to pay the bills, your job can feel like a huge burden in your life, and one that can be difficult to change.

However, with time and dedication, it’s possible to change your career, work for yourself, or even start your own business. Whilst it may mean doing extra work at night or on weekends to gain new qualifications or build up a business, in the long term, it’s worth it. Careers ate often one of the things that defines who you are, so take the time to understand whether your current trajectory truly is the right one for you now. 

Whether you look at business analyst qualifications, gain a degree by learning at home in sectors such as science, or learn a skill in an industry that you can turn into a business, there are pathways to a new career that you can fit around your current job.

#5 – A positive mindset will take you far

Sometimes just changing the way you think about things can have a massive effect on your life. You may tell yourself that you can’t do something, or perhaps feel bad about the way you look or how you act. A negative thought process will always make you feel trapped and closed in, however, a positive mindset will always make things seem much brighter and more achievable.

Developing a positive mindset can start by simply feeling grateful for what you have and taking it from there. You can do this each night before you go to bed or first thing in the morning when you wake up. Feeling thankful for small things can develop into a more grateful attitude about other aspects of your life.

You can also develop a positive mindset when it comes to the inner conversation that you have with yourself – change the narrative, and don’t talk to yourself in a way you wouldn’t talk to others. 

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