13 Tips To Refresh The Mind, Body & Soul In 2022

Looking to refresh your mind, body and soul? Below are 13 little ideas that could help you feel a bit better in 2022. You don’t have to do all of them, or even most of them. But these are achievable ideas that won’t take much effort or willpower to carry out.

Who among us has already broken their New Year’s resolution for 2022? The answer is going to be many of us, right? Studies have shown that when people break resolutions, it’s often because we are too ambitious.

After the Holidays, we will set well-intentioned goals. But then, the January Blues kick in and you are reaching for that bottle of wine, eating that fast food, or skipping the gym.

But not all is lost. There are a range of things you can do to boost your mood and bring back some of those feel-good vibes in an instant. Keep reading for some inspiration on things you can do!

#1 – Go Meat-Free Once a Week

If that Vegan diet hasn’t worked out, why not simply choose a meat-free day. You get to help the environment, eat healthier and experiment with new foods. There are lots of apps and websites promoting the once-a-week meat idea, and they are full of helpful advice and recipes to get you started.

#2 – Start Muting on Social Media

Can’t give up your Facebook or Instagram habit? No worries. But how about muting some of the topics (or people) that make you stressed? It’s easy to do, and you’ll find your feed a much more pleasant place to visit.

#3 – Contact a Long Lost Friend

Remember that college friend you used to laugh with all the time? Why not send them a message? All it takes is a simple message to break the ice and say “hello”. If you can do it with pen and paper, even better.

#4 – Play some Puzzle Games

Playing puzzle games is like a little workout for the brain, helping with memory and concentration whilst being fun at the same time. Brain games also release dopamine that helps regulate the mood.

#5 – Make a Playlist

It’s a well known fact that songs that make you happy can also release dopamine. There’s nothing better than listening to your favourite tunes on high rotation, and it makes doing less pleasurable activities like cleaning, feel amazing!


#6 – Take a Smartphone Break for an Hour Each Day

Mobile phones are are necessary part of life, but we don’t need to be checking them all the time. Have a ban for, say, an hour during mealtime, or when meeting a friend for coffee.

#7 – Walk Somewhere You Would Usually Drive

The benefits of walking are well-documented. There’s no need to necessarily aim to reach a benchmark of 10,000 steps per day and then stop there. Instead, ditch the car once a week and walk to your destination instead.

#8 – Drink Something New

Sometimes we get stuck in our ways when it comes to a favourite drink. So, why not try something new? Switch from beer to gin & tonic, or from one variety of wine to another. Drink in moderation, of course.

#9 – Go to bed early (and get up earlier)

A lot of us spend time doing wasteful stuff before bed, watching television or staring blankly into our phone screens. Try going to bed very early one night, and then get up early in the morning. See how great you feel.

#10 – Have an after-dinner walk

We’ve already included a point about walking, but you will reap the benefits if you factor in at least one post-dinner walk a week, instead of, you know, melting into the couch.

#11 – Take one nature photo per week

Most phones are full of memes and memories, but why not challenge yourself to take a nice photo of something wholesome now and again? It could be some plant life, or some pretty scenery you encounter on one of your walks. The key is to keep doing it and see where it takes you.

#12 – Turn off email notifications after work

Your work should really stop when you leave the office, but that’s not the case for many of us. When those emails keep coming in, many people feel obliged to reply. If you can, switch off notifications and leave it until 9am the next day: You’ll feel a new sense of freedom.

#13 – Cut down on sugar

Cut down on sugar, but don’t cut it out altogether. Sugar is portrayed as the big evil of foods, but it’s actually quite complicated. Equip yourself with some know-how on the subject and make the necessary adjustments.

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