Exploring Blackjack-Inspired Home Game Room Ideas

home casino room

When it comes to home decor for your gaming room there’s plenty of inspo going about, but if you’re going for something unique, why not try a theme like Blackjack? If you’re a fan of the game or just want something no one else has, this beloved game can also make for some great decor. Make sure to read on to learn about some simple ideas you can incorporate for your next home design project and why it should be Blackjack inspired.

Blackjack and its Popularity

We all know casino games are well-loved, after all, that’s the main reason they have gone from solely brick-and-mortar to being digitised for the modern era. But let’s be honest here, there are not many games in existence that are quite as popular and widely recognised as blackjack.

Nowadays, lovers of the game can play online blackjack for real money, thanks to the evolution of virtual gambling. This makes it even more accessible and convenient to play, be it on your PC or a phone’s or tablet’s browser. Players are no longer limited to a physical location or to trying to gather their friends for blackjack, as they can indulge in the game from any location.

In addition, there are now more and more variations that have popped up, from the classic version of the game to double-deck blackjack. As creatures that tend to jump from nostalgia to novelty, who can say no to more options when it comes to such games?

The allure of the game is obvious, as the game is fairly simple, but it still requires a good strategy. This combination of luck and skill makes it enticing for players who are looking for a healthy mix of both.

home casino room ideas

Incorporating the Elements of Blackjack into Your Home Gaming Room

Now that know how popular the game is, let’s jump into the nitty gritty – incorporating its elements at home in your gaming room. For starters, let’s talk about the easily recognisable colour palette: red and black.

You can opt to go for the whole shebang and paint your walls in full black or red, or perhaps go for an eye-catching wallpaper in a certain accent colour. If you want something a bit more toned down, you can always paint your walls a more neutral colour like white, and then use black and red when it comes to upholstery, curtains, pillows, rugs, and other decorative pieces.

You should also consider the vibes of Blackjack which are typically very sleek and classy. This would obviously call for black leather seating options. If you’re looking for something a tad bit edgier and, on the nose, we’d definitely go for a Blackjack-inspired coffee table with the typical felt top surface.

For those that have kitchens equipped with an island or peninsula table, you can add the typical barstools with a backrest found in casinos. While it will give you the same feel as a casino, it won’t look jarring or out of place in any kitchen.

DIY Ideas for Blackjack-Themed Decor

While there is plenty of already pre-made decor and furniture that is in theme, the best part of any home project is what you can do yourself. While we will mention some of our favorite ideas below, you can also take the time to peruse platforms like Pinterest for some top-notch DIY ideas and look for DIY tips online.

Let’s start all of this out by using playing cards as our main focus. You can easily create a collage out of them, with the option to go for something a bit more artsy or just classy, and then frame them for a tasteful way to highlight your love for the game.

If you’re not fond of this idea or simply want more, you could always create coasters out of the playing cards or even chips by simply combining the cards/chips, cork or wood slices, and waterproof glue, resin along with a sealer. At the very least it will be a great conversation starter the next time you have guests over where you can brag about your fabulous DIY skills.

You can also incorporate the number 21 into your decor in a similar fashion as sports lovers usually frame their favorite players’ shirt numbers. From hand-stitching pillows to making your own artwork, this number will be a subtle yet stylish element to add to your Blackjack-inspired home decor.

For those who really want to go all out, you can try repurposing a table and making your very own custom card table. And even if you don’t have any carpentry experience or are just not handy at all, there are a myriad of online tutorials readily available to help guide you through this much more complicated project. Whilst it might take some extra time, it will leave you highly satisfied when you get to host friends over for a Blackjack night and watch them ooh and ah at your latest home project.

Finally, for those who want an option that is just as stunning but with less work required, the next option is for you. Drill some holes or simply stick some chips to fairy lights fairy to make a delightful garland to hang along a window or on a wall. You can even go for a full waterfall-esque look by handing the lights vertically to use as a partition or room divider.


Bringing the Blackjack feel at home doesn’t have to be difficult or costly as you can go for a mix of readily available decor and DIY skills. Not only will your home feel much more sophisticated and unique, but it will also make for a great backdrop for any insta pics. However, you might have to be prepared to have a sudden influx of friends begging for you to host them, so beware of that.

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