Popular Hobbies and Leisure Activities in Australia 

best hobbies in australia

Aussies not only know how to work productively, we also like to spend our free time well. From fun in the outdoors to crafting, gaming and more, there’s a leisure activity for everyone down under.

It’s true: Australia has an almost perfect work-life balance. Let’s find out how many of us like to spend our leisure time. 

#1 – Gardening 

With a favourable climate and plenty of sunshine, Australia is the perfect place to get into gardening. Many locals enjoy creating their own oases in their backyards where they grow flowers, vegetables and fruits.

For those who want to learn how to garden, there are many courses and workshops in Australia where you can gain useful knowledge about plant selection, soil treatment and garden maintenance. 

#2 – Cooking 

Many Australians love to cook. From fine dining to BBQ, more Aussies are creating their own cuisines than ever before. When it comes to barbeque, no holiday or weekend is without it – it’s so popular that no park or beach reserve is complete without a free hotplate BBQ ready for anyone to use.

Australians love to barbeque their meat, but we also like seafood and veggies on the grill as well. Those who want to learn how to grill can attend various barbecue courses and workshops that will teach them cooking techniques over an open fire. 

Australians also love to organise get togethers in the backyard of their homes, and many homes now boast outdoor kitchens, pizza ovens and stoves especially for this purpose. 

And for those who don’t want to cook, there’s an endless array of delicious food in local restaurants ranging from cheap and cheerful to 5-star deluxe.

#3 – Photography 

Australia is one of the most photogenic places in the world, with magnificent landscapes, diverse fauna and flora. It’s no wonder many of us are passionate about photography and strive to capture the beauty of our homeland. Through photography, they apply various techniques to capture, edit and process photos, and develop their creative outlook on the world around them. 

#4 – Fishing 

Fishing is undoubtedly popular all over the world. In some people’s minds, it consists solely of catching fish, but this isn’t the only component of the process! Fishing is first and foremost, a form of recreation – an opportunity to enjoy all that nature has to offer. 

Australia has a huge number of places for fishing – rivers, lakes, and lagoons (and, of course, the open ocean). These places are famous not only for their abundance of valuable and large fish, but also for their natural beauty. 

Fishing doesn’t involve serious physical exertion (in most cases), and it helps you improve your health. In addition, it’s a lot of fun, especially in the company of friends. With all of these benefits, its little wonder so many Aussies love to go fishing.

#5 – Hiking 

Australia is a great country for walking enthusiasts. Thanks to the warm weather, many of us love to go hiking. The presence of many trails and popular routes gives us the opportunity to enjoy the views of stunning nature, climb into the most secluded corners of national parks.

That being said, hiking is extremely popular with tourists as well. Many people come to Australia for the opportunity to experience the local nature and relax at night in tents by the fire. Fans of more extreme leisure will be able to visit rocky gorges or go deep into the dense forests. 

hobbies in australia

#6 – Surfing 

With so many of the country’s cities on the coast, is it any wonder Aussies have an all-encompassing love affair with surfing? Locals love surfing while enjoying beach holidays along the way. If you’re looking to catch a wave, check out these great beaches: 

  • Crescent Head, NSW
  • Gold Coast, QLD
  • Northern Beaches, NSW
  • The Pass at Byron Bay, NSW
  • Noosa Heads, QLD
  • Prevelly Bay, WA
  • Treachery Beach, NSW
  • Bells Beach, VIC

These are just a few examples of great beaches in Australia. If you decide to learn how to surf, it won’t be hard to find a school or instructor to help you master this exciting and beautiful hobby. 

#7 – Cricket 

Cricket is known as the national sport of Australia, and it’s played by both men and women. Cricket clubs can be found in almost every city and the love of the locals for this team sport goes back a long way. The national team has repeatedly been the world champion, and its confrontation with the English team is considered one of the most irreconcilable. Australia’s cricket league is called the Big Bash League, and is among the top club tournaments in the world.

#8 – Gambling 

Aussies love a flutter, and gambling has been popular in Australia since day one. With the internet, Australians no longer have to visit their local pub or club to take part in the hobby. Sites such as Wolf Winner casino (Wolf Winner casino) are geared towards the local market. They offer a large selection of cool games, most of which are pokies (slots). A legally operating operator, transactions on this site can only be conducted with verified options, and all player information is securely encrypted and protected from fraudsters. 

It is important to note that unlike most of the hobbies we have listed, it’s possible to win money with gambling. Results in many games depend on luck, but in poker or blackjack, the skills and knowledge of the player largely determine the outcome of the round. 

Final thoughts

Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, love physical exertion or easy relaxation, there’s a hobby to suit your taste in Australia. Many popular leisure activities allow you to have fun with family and friends, but there’s many you can enjoy on your own, too. 

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