Easter How-To: Gift And Decorate In Style With Ferrero


With 2016 whizzing past so quickly I almost forgot that Easter is happening THIS WEEKEND!! Luckily, the lovely folks at Ferrero Rocher reminded me by way of delivering THE most amazing Easter surprise yesterday to BWA HQ (and as you can see, my not-so-trusty cat Aspen was pretty enamoured with the delivery also!)

Ferrero Rocher Easter

Guilty or innocent? Got to keep an eye on this guy… via Instagram: @breakfast.with.audrey

As you can see, this delectable hamper is Easter in a nutshell!

It was so gorgeous, I’ve decided to do an “un-boxing” with tips on how you can incorporate these Ferrero treats into your own Easter festivities.

So, what was in the hamper?

1. The Grand Ferrero Rocher:

The pièce de résistance – WOW. How incredible is this over-sized take on the classic Ferrero? This is super-sized and super-cool, taking the chocolate we all know and love to new heights.  It’s a delicious thick milk chocolate shell mixed with hazelnut pieces, and it includes some special surprises inside. (You’ll have to get yourself one to find out what the special surprises are!)

Clearly you could just gobble this ball of heaven down in one go, but they actually make great centerpieces for your Easter table too! Not only are they a deluxe and eye-catching way to decorate, they save you the trouble of making dessert. The Grand Ferrero Rocher make fantastic gifts that everybody will go crazy over.

2. The Ferrero Eggs:

These are bite sized Ferreros’ with an indulgent smooth centre. Yum. These come in two versions: cocoa and hazelnut. Not only are they much lighter than your standard solid egg, they’re a combination of smooth and crunchy (and thus, they’re a lot more interesting!)

The Ferrero eggs are of course perfect for Easter egg hunts, though you can also use them to decorate around the home, in craft-making, and topping baked treats such as Easter cupcakes.

Ferrero Rocher Nest of Easter Treats

3. The Ferrero Rocher Bunny:

Almost too cute to eat (but let’s face it, that bunny didn’t stand a chance!) this delectable Easter treat is super-luxurious.  A milk chocolate shell laced with hazelnut pieces and a shiny gold foil wrapping – the Ferrero Rocher bunny is an Easter must-have. You can nestle the bunny with the grand Ferrero Rocher and a scattering of Ferrero eggs for a luxuriously gilded touch to your Easter table setting.

4. In the hamper I also received:

A generous handful of Raffaelo:  A crunchy whole almond is encased in a layer of creme, a crispy wafer shell, a layer of white chocolate and coconut flakes.

The much-loved classic Ferrero Rocher: These glittering chocolates are classic option for treats and gifts, but when used inventively (such as on tablescapes and in baked sweets) they can take your food decoration efforts to the next level.

So – whether you’ll be battening down the hatches for 4-days of guilt-free chocolate eating or celebrating with family and friends, you can gift, eat and decorate in style with any of the Easter goodies from Ferrero.

What are some of your favourite Easter treats and traditions? Let us know in the comments below!


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*With thanks to Ferrero Rocher for facilitating this story.

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