Do Affirmations Help and How to Work With Them Properly

It’s believed that affirmations discreetly change your state of mind, attitudes to certain situations, your behaviours, and environment. Whilst it’s up to each individual to decide whether they believe in the power of thought or not, most people who’ve found out about affirmations and started to use them have noticed their effects.

Firstly, let’s start with defining affirmations. Psychologists define affirmations as the positive statements a person thinks or says from time to time that make their consciousness and subconsciousness believe that those words pronounced are true.

If that is so, perhaps it’s time to consider when you paid attention to your thoughts the last time? What were you thinking about? In so many cases, these thoughts were negative. The majority of people adopt a negative way of thinking and then can’t understand why they can’t succeed in something.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a certain task is difficult, we aren’t beautiful or good enough to do something or that we can’t achieve something. According to the power of thinking, we are predetermining the future. Stop it and start using affirmations.

Many psychologists recommend everyone from students to professionals start using affirmations to succeed in their studies and careers. Of course, students today are used to solving problems the easy way by ordering statistics essay samples and will hardly believe there’s any need to participate in affirmations! But using this same shortcut, you can download free philosophy papers and see how much research is devoted to these techniques.

If you’re curious to learn more, the below will teach you how to work with affirmations properly.


#1 – List your negative thoughts

What things make you reflect more? Analyse your own thoughts and define the most negative ones. It may be your negative qualities or mindset. The key condition for this stage is to be honest with yourself and don’t try to conceal anything. It’s impossible to hide something from your consciousness.

#2 – Believe in yourself

If you try to practice affirmations and consider them ineffective, they won’t work. Even the slightest doubt can destroy all the work you’ve done, so don’t start using affirmations if you aren’t ready. Consult a psychologist who specialises in these techniques or brush up on what you need to  know via the Internet.

#3 – Don’t use pre-written statements

Affirmations are something private, personal, and unique. You want your dreams to come true, so it’s you who should write what you say or think. While it’s not a bad idea to read some examples to understand how an effective affirmation should sound, it’s crucial that you base your own affirmations on your current problems or desires (written in the present tense), and always start the statement with “I am…”

#4 – Repeat the affirmation

Experts recommend that a good time to practice affirmations is when you’re busy with your beauty routine. The minimum amount of times you should repeat your statements is 3 times. Speak them out loud and do it emotionally. Believe all you say is true.

#5 – Move towards your goal

Even if you repeat your affirmation 100 times a day, if you don’t take action, it won’t be effective. Remember that the affirmations aren’t magic – they are the psychological tricks that help to boost motivation and self-confidence. Continue to work hard, get motivated every day and make your dreams come true.

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