Trend How-To: Ballerina


Audrey Hepburn was undeniably fabulous and she was one of the first fashionistas to make the ballet pump chic. Many years have passed since then but the inspiration fashion takes from ballet, and vice versa, is still evident in the year 2010.  The Australian Ballet is celebrating this timeless partnership with Body torque, a la mode; a unique performance that teams up budding choreographers and promising designers on the stage. It’s enough to make you want to unleash your inner ballerina! Here are a few rules to stick to when dusting off your childhood tutu…

DO experiment with romantic tutus

DO dress your feet in delicate ballet pumps

DO wear a wrap-round cardigan for a pinched-in waist

DON’T be afraid to move away from traditional rosy tones

DON’T wear it all at the same time- you’ll wind up looking like you’ve just walked out of the dance studio!

For all those dance enthusiasts out there who also harbour a love of fashion, don’t miss Body torque, a la mode at the Sydney Opera House between 27th and 30th May. Tickets are$35 to $63.

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