Why Collect@Post Is The Shopping Lover’s Best Kept Secret


Virtually nothing beats the convenience and enjoyment of online shopping, and whoever isn’t accustomed to a little browse around their favourite stores in their pyjamas is missing one of life’s modern day pleasures in my opinion!

From the initial snoop around the web, to the satisfaction at checkout, to the anticipation of delivery and the pleasure of unwrapping the goodies, we’re as addicted to the thrill of shopping on the web as ever.

However, just as our shopping habits have changed, so have our lives. In 2016 we are practically experts at being anywhere but our homes during the day, with many of us working on the go, juggling multiple demands, travelling, and generally not being present to receive our parcels.  In other words, we’re not always ready for our deliveries when they’re ready for us, and this can cause a little detour in the online shopping process if we don’t have our bases covered.

Recognising how inconvenient it is when we miss our deliveries, Australia Post has come up with a much more easy and modern way to receive our online shopping for this day and age, and it’s called Collect@Post.

Parcel Locker Mobile Capture

Signing up for Collect@Post on mobile, and locating the closest lockers.

In a nutshell, Collect@Post is your alternate delivery address for your online shopping. It’s Australia’s largest parcel collection network that gives you the flexibility and choice to have your parcels delivered close to wherever you’ll be. Whether you stay at home but constantly miss your mail, spend long hours at work, travel frequently, attend Uni, or are on holidays, Collect@Post gives you the ability to choose the easiest way to receive your online shopping parcels.

AUSTRALIA POST collect@Post Parcel Locker Location

My local Parcel Locker in the CBD.

In addition to traditional collection methods such as having your own PO Box address, Collect@Post includes 24/7 Parcel Lockers (which are free), and you can even have your parcels sent to your local Post Office street address as well.

Because Collect@Post utilises the entire Australia Post’s parcel network, it is the easiest and most comprehensive way to receive parcels around the country. There are no restrictions on which websites will deliver to a Collect@Post address. You can select your Collect@Post delivery option on any online shopping website in Australia or around the world.

Parcel Locker KeyPad

Using the Parcel Locker allows you to fit deliveries in with your day (or night!)

Being someone who misses deliveries each and every week, I am definitely jumping on board the 24/7 Parcel Locker service. A secure storage space that you can collect your parcel from any time, day or night (within 48 hours of delivery) Parcel Lockers are located at over 200 places around Australia, including 7-Eleven stores and BP service stations.

In addition to offering convenience and flexibility, Parcel Lockers offer a great level of security which is SO important.

For more information about 24/7 Parcel Lockers and the complete Collect@Post range, visit: https://auspost.com.au/collectatpost

This story was brought to you in collaboration with Australia Post though all opinions are my own.


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