BWA Chats To: Jess Tran, Jess Loves Fred

We chat to one of our all time favourite bloggers Jess Tran, founder of Jess Loves Fred about all things J Tran, style and what’s next.

How did Jess loves Fred come about?

Jess Loves Fred was born out of a chance visit to a thrift shop and a pre-existing habit of documenting every aspect of my life on the internet since the age of 12 (Although back then it was more to do with petty sibling disagreements and which boy I had a crush on in school)

Who or what inspires you?

Fashion/style wise? Streetstyle does – seeing girls on the street. Carrie Bradshaw definitely does – if I’m ever in doubt I just throw on my furriest heels and pretend to be her.

What is on high rotation in your wardrobe right now?

This flippy drop hem Josh Goot dress – it’s not something I could theoretically wear everywhere, but I do, and it’s fun.

Where are your top three places to shop online?

Etsy, COS and Taobao

Best ever online purchase?

Probably literally any vintage piece from Etsy – everything I find is like finding treasure in the rubbish dump that is the internet – it gets me super excited and a plus is that no one else has it.

Style inspiration?

Carrie Bradshaw. Kiko Mizuhara.

What are you listening to right now?

Lots of Say Lou Lou and Ta-Ku

What are your three all time favourite bloggers?

Man Repeller (duh), How Two Live and The Sea of Fertility by Nancy Zhang

Whats next for Jess Tran in 2013?

Leaving the warm cocoon that is university and hopefully either moving or doing something exciting for myself in Australia. Also maximum onesie snuggle time.

If you could have breakfast with anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Either a really prolific serial killer, or Gwen Stefani. Because she has been basically my idol since I was 11.

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    Love the shift dress and the neutral boots!

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