Beauty Inspiration – “Born With It” Beauty

There is nothing more enviable than “born with it” beauty, because being “born with it” in the looks department is rarer than Chanel on sale. 

We’re talking that polished, dewy, healthy, and attractive appearance with no tell tale signs of hours in front of the makeup mirror. 

In our age of instagram-beauty (which seems to necessitate owning a complete Kylie cosmetics kit and a makeup diploma) it is easy to get swept up in that overdone aesthetic and fall prey to the more-is-more approach to beauty.

A boxed brow here, a little baking there, a touch of an overdrawn lip… before you know it you’ve spent 1.5 hours getting ready and all you wanted to do was take the dog for a walk.

These current insta-influenced makeup trends – designed to get people to spend more and more money on beauty products (let’s face it) is the anathema to a glossy skinned, radiant type of natural beauty that looks classy and expensive.

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The fact is, that achieving a classy and luxurious look in anything – especially beauty, comes down to looking like you really haven’t obsessed about it at all.

This healthy, radiant glow? It’s not makeup silly, I just got off my pony! 

You see, while having a bathroom full of makeup and beauty tools is luxurious in a sense – because it’s probably cost you a fortune, what’s NOT luxurious is having to need them in order to leave the house in the morning.

ANYONE can contour, cake and bake. ANYONE can transform their faces with enough hours and enough makeup. But very few are genetically blessed enough to turn heads for just looking like themselves, with little to no obvious help in the makeup department.

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With examples such as Brooke Shields, Meryl Streep, Christy Turlington, Grace Kelly and Princess Diana springing to mind, we associate the born-with-it / natural-radiant-look with youth, health (and wealth.)

This is the trifecta as far as achieving a classy beauty look goes. Given that time stops for no one, and our health and wealth can be fleeting, achieving these qualities in your appearance is very desirable. 

It’s that “money can’t buy” type of beauty (even if money HAS helped buy it) that sets us apart from the throngs that either A) don’t care about polishing their appearance in the first place, or B) go to the other extreme and treat their face like a canvas for total and radical re-invention.

The classy woman’s approach to beauty is to make the tweaks and use the discreet tricks to enhance their own natural beauty – without appearing obsessed by it. 

Think – ultra-hydration and radiance NOT skin drowning in layers of foundation and powder; smooth yet life-like complexions; a natural flush to the cheeks NOT heavy contouring; fuller and soft brows NOT drawn on “boxed-brows”; naturally-inspired eye makeup NOT ten colours of an eyeshadow palette crammed in; fluttery soft lashes lashes and luscious full lips. 

How to achieve more of a “born with it” beauty look will be the subject of another post shortly, as there are several ways to help us achieve a classy natural appearance (ironic I know) from the inside to the outside.

For now, let’s draw inspiration from some of the most luxe-looking iconic beauties, who exemplify the “born with it” beauty persona.

natural beauty born with it brooke shields

Brooke Shields

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