The Best Ways To Customise Your Old Clothes

best ways to customise your old clothes
You don’t need to be rich to have a fabulous wardrobe – these are the best ways to customise your old clothes and give your outfits a boost without having to go shopping at all.

Are you tired of all of your clothes? Do you want to step out of the house with a sense of uniqueness and newness every day? Hang in there, because help is at hand. If you have a good imagination and a little time on your hands, get ready to walk down the street in your very own creations.

The ideas below show you the best ways to customise your old clothes and how you can revitalise your existing wardrobe the cheap way!

best ways to customise your old clothes

#1 – Get Crafty with Iron-on Patches

It’s a fact that using a patch to repair damage such as a hole in an item of clothing is much easier than using a needle and thread. Patches can cover-up everything from holes in an old sweater or jacket to rips and tears in denim. But rather than using a plain patch – which would look downright dowdy, use a decorative patch instead! These will add a uniquely cool vibe to the entire outfit.

If you’re repairing children’s clothes, there are a plethora of fun patches available from popular movie characters to animals and letters. If you are repairing adult’s clothes, why not opt for a patch (or several) with a political or pop culture connotation to really make a statement.

#2 – Create Your Own Clothes

Perhaps you’d like to add a cool t-shirt or two to your wardrobe but you can’t find anything you really like. The solution? Making your own custom printed clothing. There are several websites that help you do this, and the process is straightforward.

Simply using an online tool, the website will let you add lettering or an original design to a t-shirt or jumper. You can also create your own custom designed face masks, tote bag, or socks. From there, the printers will get to work creating your items, and ship your order to your doorstep, pronto!

And, if your design comes out really well, it could be the making of a profitable side hustle. These days it’s easy to start an online store and display your wares on there. But rather than holding an inventory, do it the smart way with an on-demand process. With this method, anytime someone orders an item, you send the order through to the custom printing company who not only makes the shirt to order, they send it directly to the customer as well. Genius!

#3 – Add Embroidery

Embroidery is an age-old embellishment that can add a touch of elegance and style to any garment. This is one of the best ways to customise your old clothes as it can have a massive impact to the overall impression of the quality of the outfit.

Why not dress up a cheap white shirt by adding your initials to the front or on the cuffs? You can also liven up a jacket by placing an embroidery design on the back. Lastly, why not turn a plain pair of white sneakers into a conversation piece – just add a set of icons or emojis to either shoe and voila!

Moreover, now you can easily buy any best beginner Embroidery machines which will help you to add custom designs on your shirts.

#4 – Re-colour with Dye

Rit dye has been around forever and it’s one of the cheapest and easiest ways to save your old clothing from the discard pile. With dye, you can turn that dingy old white shirt into a lovely looking blue one, or dye a pink robe with a stain on it, black. Rit dye costs about $5.00 per bottle and it’s easily shoppable from online retailers and hardware stores. (Tip: be sure to run your washing machine empty both before and after you dye your clothes. For more instructions, check out this guide.)


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