The Best Sunscreen For Acne Prone Skin

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Looking for the best sunscreen for acne prone skin? Look no further. There’s a sunscreen brand breaking all the traditional rules that even those with acne will love.

Summer is here again, and with the change in season you may be reaching for the sunscreen bottle even more than you usually do. If you deal with reactive or acne prone skin you might be hesitant to introduce another product into your regime – especially a facial sunscreen, which are known to cause breakouts, split under makeup or leave a white cast.

Skinscreen from Ultra Violette is a new facial sunscreen designed specifically for your face and it fits in politely with your other skincare and makeup products. This sunscreen never splits, never leaves a white cast, and always offers great SPF protection when applied and reapplied throughout the day.

Skinscreen from Ultra Violette has been highly rated and it’s known as one of the best sunscreens for acne prone skin. Keep reading to find out more.

Best Sunscreen for Acne Prone Skin

But first, what to look for in sunscreen for acne skin?

When looking for sunscreen that won’t lead to breakouts, you need to look for the following features:

  • Oil-free formula

  • Matte finish if you have especially oily skin

  • Lightweight texture (heavier formulas can clog pores)

  • Fragrance-free if you’re sensitive

  • Alcohol-free to stop skin from drying out

Do I need to wear sunscreen every day if I have acne?

Everyone with skin should be wearing sunscreen daily. If you have acne it is especially important to keep wearing sunscreen. Sunburn can make acne worse and sun exposure can be exacerbated by certain medications or skin treatments.

Anyone who is using skincare with AHAs, BHAs and especially retinol, absolutely needs to wear sunscreen daily. This is because these products can make you extra sensitive to being sunburnt.

3 Best Sunscreens for Acne Prone Skin

Clean Screen SPF 30

Acne prone or sensitive skin types will rejoice when they try Clean Screen for the first time. Finally, a sunscreen that works for highly reactive skin and won’t send your complexion into a meltdown.

It’s free from fragrance, free from alcohol and it’s been designed to feel weightless on skin. This is the skinscreen to opt for when you want fuss-free. Packed with moisturising Pentavin, Clean Screen is full of fun side effects including plump, juicy skin and a solid sense of self-satisfaction.

Features of Clean Screen include: SPF 30 broad spectrum protection, fragrance free, lightweight gel texture, alcohol free, titanium dioxide based formula to sooth and protect, natural-skin finish.

Lean Screen SPF 50+

If you’re skin is much more oily, and you want something to mattify your shine and work with your makeup, then consider Lean Screen. Lean Screen offers SPF 50+ protection, and although it’s a zinc formula, forget those images of cricketers with multicoloured stripes on their faces!

This is zinc oxide sunscreen like you’ve never seen before. It never leaves a white cast, and skin isn’t left feeling sticky. This sunscreen also works really well for sensitive skin types.

Features of Lean Screen include: SPF 50+ broad spectrum protection, zinc oxide based formula, fragrance free, soft matte finish, Kakadu plum to brighten skin.

Dream Screen SPF 50+ Tinted Veil

Lastly, here is a tinted sunscreen of dreams! Not strictly just a ‘sunscreen’, Dream Screen is more of a tinted skin serum or veil thanks to its weightless feel. Ideal for all skin types, including those with acne, it offers high protection plus dewy, sheer-medium coverage that looks like a second skin.

Features of Dream Screen include: UVA & UVB protection, SPF 50+ protection, 11 flexible tinted shades to choose from, buildable sheer-light coverage, radiant, dewy finish, oil free, silicone free, alcohol free and fragrance free.

If you’re ready to shop for the best skinscreen for acne, discover the complete collection over at Ultra Violette now and get ready to enjoy the most sun-filled summer you’ve had in a long time!

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