Best Summertime Drinks For Your At-Home Bar In 2022

best summertime drinks 2022
Whether you’re entertaining at your own home (or have been invited to a friend’s), having a selection of summery drinks is always appreciated. Here’s our favourite 5 to try this summer in Australia.

When summertime is around the corner, there’s a festive cheer and holiday spirit in the air. If your social calendars are anything like ours, you’ll likely be heading to Christmas parties, end of year get-togethers and work events, with plenty of drink cart trolleys offered to help you quench that end of year thirst. If you’re looking for the best drinks to add to the bar cart this year, keep reading.

6 Best Summertime Drinks in 2022

best summertime drinks 2022

#1 – Strawberry Spritz

Move over Aperol, there’s a new fruity spritz in town. Sure, the orange hued drink is great, but let’s face it, it’s a little bit ‘been there- done that’. If you’re  ready to shake it up a little, try this Strawberry Spritz. It’s made with Grainshaker Rye Vodka and ØKAR Island Bitters in a fun vibrant splash of red. It comes in a 750ml wine bottle, so just chill and pour! Too easy.

Features of Strawberry Spritz:

  • Includes Grainshaker Rye Vodka and ØKAR Island Bitters, Strawberry & River Mint
  • Chill and serve

#2 – Crodino

Looking for a non-alcoholic option to offer guests (or kids)? Meet the original non-alcoholic aperitif from Italy – Crodino. It’s herbaceous, a little bitter and really delicious thanks to the blend of spices, woods, roots and herbs.

Features of Crodino:

  • ABV 0.05% vol
  • Serve chilled

#3 – White Light Vodka

If you’re looking for reliable spirits to stock your bar cart, try this Vodka from White Light Beverages. This is no ordinary vodka though – it’s award-winning! Enjoy notes of citrus and gorgeous sweet vanilla, with a silky and creamy soft long finish.  We like it best simply over ice, topped with soda and fresh lime in the summertime.

Features of White Light Vodka:

  • 700ml / 37.5% Alcohol Volume / 21 Standard Drinks
  • Craft vodka made from Australian wheat grown in NSW (the key to its beautiful textural finish)
  • Superb filtration system chilled to zero degrees and then filtered three times for a smooth consistency

#4 – Dirty Tonic

Another non-alcoholic option on the table: a tasty, dirty tonic from Strange Love. The choice is yours whether to add gin for a boozy tipple, or simply enjoy its refreshing taste sans alcohol.

What makes this tonic water different? It uses raw, unrefined cinchona bark to create an earthy, rich bitterness that simply can’t be found elsewhere. It’s got a twist of orange peel, fragrant rosemary, and sea salt taste to finish.

Features of Dirty Tonic:

  • Notes of orange peel, rosemary and sea salt
  • Pairs perfectly with herbaceous or citrus-led gins
  • 0g of sugar/100ml

best summertime drinks 2022

#5 – Everleigh Bottling Co Negroni

Last but not least, it’s not a party without a nod to the Negroni. This classic Italian cocktail packs a punch in the best way possible. Bottled by The Everleigh, it’s considered as  ‘one of the best Negronis we’ve ever had. Anywhere. Ever.’ by the World’s 50 Best Bars. This version is crafted using Tanqueray gin, Campari and Cocchi sweet vermouth, and filtered water.

Features of Negroni:

  • Pour over ice and serve in a rocks glass with a swirl of orange
  • Includes Tanqueray gin, Campari and Cocchi sweet vermouth

Inspired to put together your bar cart in anticipation of summer entertaining? Be sure to include both alcoholic and non alcoholic options for your guests and an array of gorgeous garnishes like lemon, and orange peels for extra visual appeal.

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