5 Tokyo-Style Izakaya’s You Can Find On The Streets of Sydney


Japan is like that effortlessly cool best friend we all tend to have. Trend savvy, fierce and forever two steps ahead, it just does things right.

Straight from the streets of Tokyo, I introduce to you, the Izakaya. Japan’s answer to the gastropub; small, intimate, and ferociously inviting. These bars are all about giving balance to your booze sesh; harmoniously marrying food with drink.

You can chase that gulp of saké with a handful of edamame or enjoy a lotus chip in between your beer sips. It’s about keeping things cheap, tasty and in true Japanese style: wildly efficient. Sydney has well and truly cottoned on to the Izakaya craze, and my, aren’t we pleased. So if you’re after some of the best Japanese food in Sydney, look no further.

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Today's raw dish: House smoked salmon, yuzu chimichurri & crème fraîche

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#1 – Chaco Bar, Darlinghurst.

This dark and dingy drinking hole is the perfect place to party down with your pals and sink some serious saké. It’s abuzz with vivacious chatter and clinking glass.

The food at Chaco Bar mirrors the crazy “Kanpai!” charged atmosphere; from heart pipes to gristle and gizzards it’s not for the faint hearted. But take a risk and you will be rewarded; the pork wrapped enoki or pig ear based tuna tataki are dangerously delicious. Go on, take a walk on the wild side.

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