Hair More Blah Than Blake? 6 Easy Ways To Combat Thin Hair

beauty tips how to protect thin hair


Tip #2 – Protect Your Fine Strands

It’s a simple fact that fine hair breaks more easily than thicker, so protecting it during styling is a must. Reducing use of heat tools, using a heat protection spray and keeping hair well hydrated all help maintain your hairs condition and minimise breakage.

Suggests Stephanie, “If you have fine hair it’s time to ditch your straightener. Your styling kit should comprise of a professional quality blow dryer, round brushes and a curling iron that doesn’t clamp the hair.  Creating volume is all about building hair up not flatten it down and clamping or straighten the hair only makes it skinnier and flatter.”  

A curling iron that allows you to wrap the hair around the wand barrel is the ideal styling tool for fine hair. Just ensure it has a temperature setting that allows you to choose the heat level.  

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