Hair More Blah Than Blake? 6 Easy Ways To Combat Thin Hair


You only need to spend 10 minutes trolling Instagram to know that long luscious locks are always on trend.  But for those of us born with a little less volume than your average Victoria’s Secret goddess or better yet – Blake Lively, the dream of thick glossy hair is a distant one. So what’s a thin-haired gal to do?  

We recently caught up with Paul Mitchell Director Of Education Stephanie Gelston who shared her pro tips for combating thin hair.  

beauty tips how to combat thin hair


Tip #1 – Prevent, Prevent, Prevent    

Women of all ages experience hair thinning for a wide range of reasons; genetic predisposition, stress, health issues, pregnancy, hormonal changes or damage caused by environmental factors or excessive  heat styling.  

Explains Stephanie, “Early identification of hair thinning means you can action a preventative  treatment plan before too much loss has occurred, keeping your strands thick and healthy. Anyone experiencing thinning should consult their stylist for a professional assessment and recommendation of the best course of action.”    

Product Suggestion: Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Scalp Care range to prevent hair thinning  

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