Beauty How-To: Clean Your Brushes

If there is one thing I have learned since the beginning of Breakfast with Audrey, its to invest in some serious brushes. Yep, they cost a fortune and it feels like someone is stabbing you in the heart when you hand over your credit card to pay for a tiny brush. While they are expensive, they make a WORLD of difference in your routine, application and finished result.

The thing is, there is no point in dropping cash on good brushes if you are not going to take care of them. Not to mention its kinda gross. Think hygienically about all the bacteria just biding its time, multiplying and growing on your damp brushes after hundreds of skin cell particles are left on them, damp, after every use. Totally yuk!

Luckily for you all, and for me, there are plenty of brush cleansers and sterlizers on the market or you can use your own formula at home. Properly cleaning and drying your brushes is IMPERATIVE so listen up yo.

(FYI if you want to buy a brush cleanser from a store, you could try THIS MAC one for only $20  buckaroonies).

Our top tips to cleaning your makeup and beauty brushes:

Tip One: If I have run out of brush cleaner I will often use a mild soap. Antibacterial soaps you would use in the kitchen or to wash your hands have heaps of chemicals and are probably not great for your brush bristles. I use my gentle Dove soap which you can grab at Woolies for next to nothing. Make sure you

Tip Two: Once you are lathered up, soak your brushes in piping hot water- I usually just wander around the house for a bit, go on Facebook and come back. No exact science here. After you have cleaned your brushes its a good idea to rinse them with cool water to get rid of any sudsy residue.

Tip Three: Word on the street is that a splash of makeup remover or olive oil will help the process. The former will (obvi) get rid of extra makeup, the latter will soften your bristles.

Tip Four: Not sure if you have ever had this experience, but if you don’t give your brushes some jiggle action, you could go through this whole process, and have totally dirty brushes. I generally jiggle and scrub the palm of my hand under running water to get those stubborn bits out.

Tip Five: Squeeze out any extra water and then lie your precious brushes flat on a towel and hang the bristles off the edge of your sink. Reason being, if you dry them standing upright, the water drips down the bristles and into the glue that holds the bristles in place. Make sure that you keep said brushes lying flat out of reach of puppies (or babies for that matter). I speak from experience. 

Image: Luuux

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