Audrey Abroad: Airlie Beach, Foodies Paradise

Image courtesy of the Mr Bones facebook page. 

You all know I love a good feed, and other than explore a new city and shop, my favourite thing to do is explore all that it has to offer in the realm of food. Airlie Beach, being a seaside town- has the best of all worlds…killer cocktails, fresh fish and menu’s that are on par with anywhere else in the world.

Check out our top three foodies spots to hit when you next visit Airlie Beach for a vacay full of good good, good people and great fun.

Mr Bones

If you’ve ever dined in Surry Hills here in Sydney, you’d not be surprised to find a joint like Mr Bones nestled amongst shops on Crown Street.

Instead, Mr Bones offers up a killer view of the Airlie Beach lagoon and the ocean, along with some of the most delicious tapas style meals I have ever eaten, dangerously good pizza and A DESERT BURGER. Yep, you heard me, a desert burger.

The name Mr Bones as described by the team is “a family nickname given to a tall, lanky and once very skinny young boy. today he is still tall, although not so lanky (or skinny) however the name mr bones still remains.”

It’s that sense of personality that really sets most of the places such as Mr Bones in Airlie apart from the rest. The service is outta this world, and that makes the experience infinitely that much better.

Signature dish: while their pizza and tapas plates are high on the list, the meal to try is their signature desert burger. It comes with a brioche bun, passionfruit jelly (for the cheese) a chocolate patty, and is served with a strawberry jus (tomato sauce) and deep fried custard chips. Heaven in a mouthful.


Fish D’vine 

Fish D’vine and its Rum Bar are a MUST VISIT for any discerning foodie traveller.

The two most famous items on the menu are a must try; the famous local chilli mud crab with a Hemmingway Daiquiri, and the world class mojitos are high on the list of things to drink.

You’re greeted by an incredibly impressive Rum Wall as you enter, packed full of more types of rum than you could ever possible remember, and then greeted with the heavenly scent of all the local seafood being served up.

As an Oyster obsessive, I just had to sample the local oysters. Its rare you get Oysters so fresh in Sydney unless you head straight down to the fish markets, and these were big, fresh, robust and totally delicious.

Signature Dish: It has to be the chilli mud crab right? Something I am particularly partial to when visiting Malysia and Singapore, chilli mud crab is just the right amount of sweet crab meat and spicy zing, washed down with the perfect Mojito makes for the best end to a day of sun and surf. If rum is not your thing, there are plenty of other cocktails and drinks to be served up by the super fun and extremely enthusiastic waiters!

For the sweet tooth in you all, the salted caramel icecream is outta this world! What diet?


Deja Vu

On a relaxed Sunday afternoon we took to Deja Vu for what turned out to be a feast fit for kings, and sitting in the sun, sipping on cocktails being served beautiful food…it kindof felt like we were!

You know that feeling you get on holiday when you take a moment, sitting staring out at the view and a sense of total calm and happiness washes over you? This was the moment for me, here, taking a moment and realizing how amazing life can be! But I digress, back to the food.

Here we had EIGHT courses, which you can grab every sunday at Deja Vu for only $44.50. Yup. It’s described as a gastrotourism event to be experienced, and it certainly is- even better that it is brought out on share plates, which is my favourite way to dine, starting from a overflowing Antipasto plate and finishing with a dragonfruit panacotta.

Signature dish: Really the entire eight course Sunday lunch is the signature here, it changes seasonally depending on what is available in the area.


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    Yummy!!!! I must go to Airlie a Beach for a holiday! 🙂

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    Dessert…not desert. Must be very dry 🙂

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