Are You Divorced? Get A Child Custody In Australia Smoothly

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All parents want the best for their kids. So, in the case of divorce it’s only natural that on occasion, parents fight over them, even it means getting a full child custody. However, no parent wants their kids to take sides. This is why it is important to make the right decisions when dealing with child custody disputes.

How Child Custody Works in Australia

Apparently, the child custody law in Australia gives every parent equal responsibilities. This means, if you are divorced, whether as a single-dad or a single-mother, you have the equal rights of spending time with your kids as your ex-partner. But at times your partner can deny you that right. When that happens, you will need to fight for your parental rights. Usually, this may mean hiring one of the best Wollongong family lawyers with the skills of handling cases similar to yours.

How a Family Attorney Can Help

While you have the right to represent yourself, it’s best to hire a family attorney. Your attorney will offer you legal support and guidance. This way, you will deal with family law system’s complexities and avoid mistakes that can affect the wellbeing of your kids. In addition, your attorney can help to:

  • Gather evidence that support your case
  • Prepare the legal papers
  • Negotiate child custody arrangements
  • Represent you when the case goes to court
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Powerful Tips to Get a Child Custody

Usually, the first step to fight for a child custody involves working with family lawyers. With your attorney’s help, you can also navigate the following steps to ensure you as well as your kids get closure and move forward regardless of all the challenges that you ex-partner made you go through:

Go through FDR (Family Dispute Resolution)

FDR is a type of mediation that help Australian families come to a better agreement over child custody disputes, without sending your ex-partner a ‘meet-me in court’ letter. You will need to take this route before you apply for any parenting order, a legal document, which specifies your co-parenting responsibilities. Unlike court proceedings, FDR is less adversarial – meaning it will relieve stress off your shoulders. Its key objective is to ensure you and your ex put the best interests of your kids at heart. Mostly, it involves these steps:

  • Preparation
  • Mediation
  • Agreement

Take the Case to Court

We know things can go south and reach to this point but take it from us – this should be your last option. Court proceedings can take months or years, and that can do more harm than good to your kids. However, if it reaches that point, don’t represent yourself. Involve a family attorney to take you through the complex system of the law, and maybe, just maybe, you could have a full child custody.

Applying for your child custody will entail understanding your responsibilities as a parent. But because applying for it is a complex process, you will need the help of a family attorney. Your lawyer will ensure you get a child custody and spend more time with your kids.

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