8 Of The Most Lust­worthy Picks From Our New Fave App, Shedd


By now, we’ve all grown accustomed to scrolling through a visual feed to keep abreast of what our friends, families, favourite celebrities and brands are up to. Who else looks forward to getting into onto bed after a long day only to spend another half an hour (or more!) double-tapping our way into slumber?

Well, prepare to be kept up at night a little longer now thanks to the new app Shedd, which we could only describe as the instagram of buying and selling your wardrobe.

If you want to get up to date on what Shedd is and how it can easily help you convert your wardrobe to cash – click here!

With a search capability based around hashtags, Shedd allows you to buy or sell clothes and accessories easily and intuitively. Buyers are connected with sellers in the local area who are listing good condition items they want to move from their wardrobes. When you’re shopping, it’s like scrolling through your friend’s wardrobe and helpfully relieving them of the items they no longer want.

Unlike other marketplaces, Shedd is very quick to use, it’s visual, and it’s easy. But be warned, because it could also become just a tad addictive!

All in the name of work (yes really), I’ve scrolled through the app to discover a selection of on-trend, lust-worthy buys that would be perfect for your summer wardrobe. All are priced at much lower than the original RRP and are available to buy right away.

So, start scrolling for yourself to discover my top picks from Shedd!


Crushed Velvet Slip Dress

The $40 price tag belies the runway-readiness of this crushed velvet slip dress. For the ultimate 90’s throwback, team this dress with a white t-shirt for day, or a choker for night. For the Saint Laurent girl in all of us, just add ankle boots and some dramatic gold earrings.

Shop it here.

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